September 21, 2010

I forgot to buy a title for this post.

Chelsea went in for her surgery this morning, leaving me a blathering idiot with too much time on my hands.   I'm pretty sure everyone knows if you have 182 hours to kill you can usually do it at Walmart, and that it is a good idea to have at least 182 dollars on your person. 

Thus I started my wait at Walmart, mostly because the band on one of my studio flip flops snapped yesterday and I figured it would require a solid 10 minute investment to locate the perfect replacement pair. 


There are NO flip flops at my local Walmart because they are out of season.  In ALABAMA.  Where it is still in the 90s and will be until January.   I stood there staring at the sales associate slack jawed and stupid for so long that I'm pretty sure she considered offering me the pair on her feet.

The bead section is all that's left after that, and finding 338 black filler beads for $4 is a score~ Sure ~ but did I mention that walmartranoutofflipflops!?

My next stop was Michaels, where I found these turquoise peace signs.  Loveness.  I also picked up some chain and a bag of flat backed glass rocks that make excellent cabochons on the cheap ($2.49).  You'll find them in the floral decorating section.

I found these in the discounted seasonal section in the front of the store, and at 60% off they were $1.99.

Next up was Big Lots where I found yet another bag o' flat backed glass rocks, this time in black with some metallic gunmetal and bronze in the mix.  I can't remember how much they were.

Next I swung by my LBS.  Autumn and Roger, parents to 5 sons and going! for! a! girl!, are the super sweetest owners of Firefly Beads and also my personal parental heros.  FIVE~ GOING FOR SIX!
If you are ever within driving distance of Dothan you should make it a point to stop in.  You'll be glad you did.

I snagged a few $1 strands of czech crystals and a few $2 strands of metallics that would have haunted my dreams had I left them behind.  They are changing over from Czech seeds to Japanese, so I also grabbed up these vials of Czech for .50 each...

4 hours and $42 later, I had exhausted my time killing options.  I know Doc Roberts was supposed to call me when Chels was out of surgery, but I just really couldn't wait anymore.  I'm sure his receptionist will forever consider me the crazy dog lady, but to find out sooner rather than later that Chelsea came through surgery just fine and is awake if not totally alert yet makes it totally worth it.  Call me whatever you want as long as you are calling me to come pick up my baby.   Which I will be doing in an hour, and I'll have a chance to speak with the Doc then.

There still isn't thanks enough for you guys...but I'm most certainly going to try to show you how very very much your help taking care of Chelsea has been appreciated.  Some of today's treasures as well as goodies from my personal stash and torch are going to be finding new homes this week in several GiveBACKS.

GIVEBACK: (noun)   Julispeak for something that is exactly like a giveaway, but also completely different.



  1. i've been wondering about your puppy.
    glad to hear she is out of surgery.

    i really cannot believe that walmart in the south could ever run out of flipflops..what is the world comin'to?
    i found the perfect pair there in the spring sort of croc knockoffs..i bought 2 pairs just to be on the safe side.

  2. Whew. I am breathing better now that I know that dear Chels is okay.
    You scored some great finds. I am always intrigued by what other people buy and I have to see what you do with those crystal bubbles....I would love to do something with them! But since I hate seed beads I really can't claim to make anything as beautiful as you do with them. And no flip flops in AL? What is this world coming to?
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I hope Clelsea got my kisses and you are both recovering at home in bed watching Dexter again!
    OK I check my walmart (a quick call after reading your post) No flip-flops! They should really be around all year! Stupidseasonalstockers!
    The loot is awesome and I am so jealous of your beady finds!


  4. My car told me it was 101F when I walked out of work today at 4PM. Driving a little only dropped it to 97F. Yah, no flip flops in So. GA either, but you can load up on Christmas deco already! Are these people crazy?

    Glad to her the baby dog is safe.

  5. so glad your pup is through the surgery...
    i hate when in season items are out of season - like a late february snowstorm that leaves you unable to find any snow boots? because don't you really just need your cruise wear then? not me...
    great nabs - now what're you gonna do about those flips?

  6. I was on vacation last week, and was not checking my regular blog reading list (which you are on), so I'm only finding out through you're, now, previous posts that your puppy was maybe not ok, but now she is OK!! Horray!! I'm so happy for you both. Give her kisses from me.
    I wish I'd been in touch last week! Is it too late to get in on the day's worth of beads thing?
    I picked up some flip flops at Michael's about a month ago for 60 cents per pair. Do you wear a size 8? I'll send you a pair. Evidently, I'm capable of hoarding flip flops when they are 60 cents a pair! What, I only bought a couple pairs! At that price I could not be denied.

  7. I'm doing the happy dance for your baby! What a brilliant idea for cabs... for new project, from tutorials which I can't wait to guinea pig for. :)

    Hugs & loveness all around Juls! So glad you got such wonderful news!


  8. glad to hear you survived Chelseas surgery! Give her a hug and pour some goodness in your glass so you both can relax as you watch her sleep!

    doin' the happy dance for u both.

  9. Happy to hear your baby is out of her surgery. We have flip flops in out Walmart year round! And we even get snow in January. A whole one day and gone the next snow.

  10. I am SOOOOOOOO happy she is coming home and fine!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God! I also got my beads today, and of course...LOVE them LOTS!!!! (Hope you find flip flops SOON....)

  11. Such awesome finds!

    I'm glad your baby is done with her surgery and hopefully resting comfortably.

    I too was wondering why Walmart was putting out hundreds of pairs of fake ugg boots here in Southern California when it is still hot enough (thank GOD) to keep my toesies nude. Silly Walmart.

    PS. I personally think flip flops are almost never out of season and try to wear the pair I stole from my brother as often as I can.

  12. Awww....sis, I just read this. Give gentle hugs to my neice and tell here auntie loves her ;-D
    Keep me posted, please. Hugs and love - Samma

  13. Awww, so glad the long wait through surgery is over and turned out so well! I haven't kept up with many blogs all summer, but always enjoy your humor! Except no flip-flops at Wal-Mart is pretty serious, what's next, they run out of plastic bags?! I'm new in the blog loop, so would love to have you check it out sometime -
    also, I'm so impressed with your thrifty haul, haven't been inBig Lots in years.

  14. I am glad Chels came out fine! Relief.

    I hear you on that whole fashion season thing. I especially love it in January and you are looking for sweaters and coats and all you can find is bathing suits and shorts.

    Love that haul also. Can't wait to see what you do.

  15. Oh I am sure glad that she is out of surgery! I am another crazy dog lady that haunts the vet office when any of my babies are in there.

  16. So glad to hear the good news about Chelsea. And really, I can't think of any OTHER way to distract yourself than going on a bead shopping spree!

    But, dude, what up with the flip flops? They are year-round wear out here so lemmee know iffen you need me to send you a pair LOL! Or maybe I need to set up a charity on my blog so people can donate their unused flip flops to poor, flopless Alabama?

  17. Old Navy dahling.
    I was there a few days back, and they still had EVERY color in flips to the flops....

  18. You always make me smile the way you describe your moments is hilarious and touching at the same time.
    I am a FLIP-FLOP Officiando- I wear them 11 months of the year here in Nevada.
    Here's a little tip- If you want some GREATflip flops-
    ( I haven't heard them called that since I left the East Coast BTW)
    Some that are Reeeaally comfortable and last almost forever buy Tivas at Famous Footwear at the end of the season-- NOW - they are usually 1/2 price and sometimes less AND if they don't have your size they will check their stock and mail them to you for FREE!!! You can buy online too! In case you don't have a store near you. I get at least one pair every year. They are THE BEST!! Glad your little guy has pulled through all this- he is so fortunate to have you as a Doggie-Mommy!