September 21, 2010

Besides, it could just be infatuation.

I really dig this color combination.  It is both vivacious and relaxing and makes me want to hop a plane to an island far far away.  One of life's greatest treasures is beach sand between my toes, even if it is accompanied by sand in less desirable places.

Chels and I have spent the evening together~ her curled up asleep on my pillow being awesome and me finishing up this necklace.  Surgery is in the morning and this time tomorrow we will be having a rinse/repeat of tonight.  Right?  Right!

The combination of an almost full moon and the abundance of emotion that this past week has been is more potent than the kind of tequila that makes me want to give you a hug because I love you man!,  and since that would be a little creepy I think I'll call it a night.



  1. Yep that colour combo is pretty darn awesome... so striking.... me likey likey a lot!!


  2. Juls you have outdone yourself, that necklace is gorgeous! I love the color combination and it does remind you of parties on the beach! That necklace is just plain yummy!
    Chelsea is going to do awesome! Just a few more hours and everything is going to be over and she is going to feel so much better which in turn will make you feel better!

  3. Juls, Honey - your work is stunning! I love that color combo too! You have a talent that is beyond talent with your style. Chelsea is going to be just fine and the two of you are going to repeat nights like this one for years to come!

  4. Awwww.... love, love, loveness to you and Chelsea today. The thoughts of a beach and sand... and tropical drinks with umbrellas and laughter amongst beading girlfriends.... now that's a thought of bliss.

    I could almost eat that necklace... except I might crack a tooth and I'm not a fan of any dentists... :)

    You are a double dip of awesomeness and a side of sweetheart!