August 13, 2010

Until the next time. Because you KNOW there will be a next time.

This is a bead I made a while back.

A month or so ago I had a request to make something similar for  someone who would probably be my twin sister if we hadn't been born in different hospitals on different days in different years to different parents.   


A little brighter.

But Still.


Why make so many?

Do you really want to know?


The person who bought that original bead can consider herself
because noone else is ever meant to have one.

I may be stubborn,
but I'm also
over it.


PS.  They were all made on different days. 
Days during which every other bead survived.
Which means they are evil devil beads.


Alternate Post Title:
"Beads on Crack"

(Thanks, Kelly)


  1. Wow, that person is very very lucky! I love those shots. The beads are still gorgeous, even if they broke, bummer!

  2. Yeah. You two are twins!
    That is
    Can you melt them down and make marbles out of them? Or smash'em up a bit more for some mosaic project (we have a mosaic artist in our midst who probably would use something like that!)
    Curse you kiln gods!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. {{{{Tears}}}}}

    Curse the kiln! They are so pretty even if they are dismembered! (I can't say broken because I have seen what you can do with pretty puzzle pieces)


  4. Okay, it is quite apparent to me that I have been living under a curse for some time (back going out, cold from hell, massively expensive car repairs), but who knew the curse would reach out and strike my kinda sorta bloggy twin? And how those poor innocent beads suffered! It brings tears to my eyes.

    Looks like it's time for me to give that ol' curse a severe talking-to. And if that don't work, I'm prepared to go all Exorcist on its ass.

    Y'know, for the bead's sake.

    In the meantime...ummmm...sorry?

  5. Eek...noooo! RIP lovely beads :-(

    Juls, seeing as you are the queen of inventiveness, can't you just grind off the sharp edges on your scary-looking diamond grinder thingamajig (you did that to some other wayward beads I recall), and make these into something purdy? Seems a shame for such beauty to go to waste...

  6. Wow that (blows) is awful!
    Well it happens to the very best you know! Yea as Erin said can you do anything for frit? Probably not tho you would have a messy combo if colours!

  7. Those are some of the most beautiful beads I have ever seen (even if they were cursed by evil spirits in the kiln!). I do hope that you make something similar and put it in your etsy shop! Absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented!