August 11, 2010

Those word thingamajiggies...Better late than never?


Scene:  Saturday morning.  Post Office Parking Lot

Me and Him sittin' in the Jeep gettin' our grooooves on.

Singin' out loud.

Heads bobbin'.

Chair dancin'.

It occurs to me that we are middle aged white people stone cold jammin' to a rap Oldie.

In full view of the public.


I love beading these ringlets and have several design schemes floating around in the empty spaces where brain cells are meant to be.


I've also been making tons of beads who really want to come live at your house. I mean REALLY.  I don't think they are planning to stalk you...

But you can never be 100% sure, huh?



  1. Get your groove on Baby! I am so loving the rings!!!! Me thinks happiness so agrees with you! I tried a turquoise and orange (go figure) combo inspired by you but not sure how to tie them together yet!


  2. Hey, we middle-aged white people have an equal right to get our groove on...and frighten the public in the process. Word up!

  3. I admit that I haven't gotten my groove on in public....but i do dance around the house with the dog. LOL Just bought some of those beads that were stalking me...yummy colors!
    Bead Happy!

  4. As of yesterday's bday perhaps I am WAY past caring what anyone thinks of my head-bobbing, booty-wagging musical tastes. Besides it is my duty as a mother to embarrass the bejezuz out of my 9 and 12 year olds, is it not?
    I love those rings. Much promise in that design. Will they be put out to roam the world? Or are you keeping them close? And yes, those beads must be stalking my dreams. But I must use up the Julsbeads that have come to live with me first.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Love it!!!! Word up girl! You wiggle your waggle 'cuz the calendar lies!!!!! It's wrong... just plain and simple... we're all teenie boppers and don't have to grow up - ever! LOL

    Now I've got Word Up wanging in my head... and it'll be there all night I'm pretty sure. Thanks!