August 9, 2010

The color of happy~

(pretend there is an arrow pointing up)

...looks like this...

(pretend there is an arrow pointing down)

(excellent pretending skillz!)
You are made of awesome.

I've got oodles and many and mucho lots of wordz saved up, so I think I'll have to make Monday a two-fer on the blog front. 

Let's meet back here this evening, k? 

Ready.  Set.  Cya Then!



  1. I am so inspired by your color of happy I am off to the beadin tray with a fresh idea all cuz if your fabulishousness (ok I am still makin up my own words ) I can't wait to see how this idea pans out!

    I love your new happiness!


  2. You are such a tease Juls...good thing we got a new computer so I can come back tonight :)
    Love, love, love the beads. I want to play with them...those beads are scrum-dilly-umptous!!!!!!
    My inner shopaholic is screaming inside, "MINE, MINE, MINE"!
    I am so happy for your happiness girl!

  3. What awesome beads! Left you something on my blog: although I think you've already gotten lots of shout outs!

  4. These beadies positively glow with excitement. (And I am not pretending on that either!)
    Enjoy the day!

  5. These happy colorful beads are so happy and colorful. I just love them. So luscious! I wish I could have them all.

  6. Love the colours and they just emanate happiness...still swooning? ;-)

  7. Juls... those are all GAW-jeous.. just sayin' :) Love all the purrrrrty colors together. They look like beautiful beads with dew drops on them... or maybe that's the fairy pee that isn't dried off yet. ;)



  8. Definitely the color of happy...they certainly brought a smile to my dial!

    Keep smiling :D