August 22, 2010

Tew Hundert piles of werds

In an effort to keep myself entertained over the last couple of days I decided it would be interesting to go back through my archives and explore how I have spent the last year of my creative life.
In the process I realized that my next post, this post actually, would be my 200th.   Who knew I had that much to say? 


Mama had outpatient surgery on Friday, and because I was busy trying not to die I couldn't be at the hospital with her.  Instead I did a lot praying and thinking, and as always when I think too long about my mama I thought about the times she allowed me to use her face as a teething block.  I remember gnawing on her chin while she hummed muhmuhmuhmuhmuh.   True Story.

Naturally when I spoke my first word shortly thereafter it was a clearly enunciated DADDY.  I guess mama will have to settle for being my first memory because she clearly got the short end of the stick on that whole deal.

What is your earliest memory? 

Share a comment with us and you will be entered to win this focal~

I will have that man pick a winning number tomorrow morning.

Thanks for sharing.  You people contribute much to the rocking of my world.



  1. OK for you Juls. You are actually making me THINK lol. My earliest memory is being in my buggy, ok they call them strollers now, in the front yard with my dog Duchess. She was this incredible Boxer that wouldn't allow anyone to come near me unless it was mom or dad. I wasn't walking yet so I was not a year old.
    Dutches was a great k-9 pal.

  2. Juls I hope you are feeling better and that you drank plenty of fluid and will go to the doctor if you are still feeling bad this week (I told you I nag - I wasn't called mama bead for nothing while I was in the army). I also hope your mama is doing alright after her surgery!
    Let's see, my earlies memory, I think is when we lived in El Paso, TX (dad was in the army too). I remember sliding down these large white sand dunes, like we were sledding down hills in wintertime. I remember it was really bright and the sand was everywhere, but I do remember that it was fun. I think I was between 1-2 years old.
    The focal bead is yummy goodness, just letting you know. I think I am going to have to get my camo out and come down to Alabama and stalk your house :)
    I hope you are feeling better girl!
    Be well!

  3. I have had to answer this question before.... medically speaking...

    So, I'm six foot....have been since I was about 14 or so...

    I'm wearing a diaper (cloth of course) sitting upright underneath a straight chair that my mother is sitting on. I'm looking out at a room full of people through her legs while crapping my pants and thinking it was going to look like a hamburger.

    But, I seem to have turned out okay, ... right?

  4. sounds like your feeling better?

    My earliest memory is of my mama rocking me while I scream in pain from an ear ach. I was t-tiney and those suckers hurt like heck. I had them alot for some reason.

    Have a restful week end.

  5. I can remember going to a neighborhood grocery store, one with a screendoor......with my grandma she bought me a planters peanut plank candy bar.....I must have been about 3 at the time......

  6. Ive just started reading your bolg and you always make me chuckle! LOL you are truly a delight! My earliest memory? Playing in the backyard summertime in a primative pool that they sold back in those days with my brother and all of our friends! best wishes to your Mom Juls parents are such a treasure..ox

  7. First ,take care of yourself so you can make more yummy beads!
    My first memory is hmmmm,okay it was with my maternal grandfather. I guess I was about 3 years old. He had taken me to the Calgary Stampede. It's a fair and rodeo all in one in Alberta, Canada. The famous 3 stooges were there and he took me to get a picture with them. I had eaten alot of junk food, cotton candy and whatever else. Anyways when it was my turn my grandfather walked me up to the side of the stage to meet them and I vomited all over one of the 3 stooges pant legs! I don't remember much after that except people running around getting cloths for me and whisking the 1 stooge away(I would guess to get changed). I started crying but I still even got a picture of them, lol! Thanks
    Penny Levesque

  8. My first memory isn't until I was about 4 years old. I remember going to the zoo with my uncle. I remember sitting on his shoulders and eating a blue lollipop.



  9. My earliest clear memory happened when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My parents and I had made regular trips to the Rumford Zoo here in central Maine, and we absolutely loved it. Until one day, my parents decided to take our family to the Zoo, and we drove all the way there (which was really only about 40 minutes, but seemed like a lifetime), only to find out the Zoo had closed! We were sooo disappointed.

  10. My earliest memory is of sitting in the kitchen in a high chair. We were living in a tiny house.

  11. I can remember my brother teaching me to tie my shoe laces leading up to me starting school which means I was about 4 as I started school earlier than the usual 5yrs.

    Other than that I can remember my first day of school... I remember it vividly as it was raining and I had this super cool newspaper print raincoat! When I got to school the other kids were all fussing over it as they all had the traditional yellow raincoats lol!

    I hope you are feeling better soon.


  12. When I was about four, I stayed with my aunt while my mother was in hospital awaiting the birth of my brother. I was Mama's girl and usually stood half behind her skirt, grasping some part of her clothing.

    I remember, very clearly, going out for walks with my aunt during the few days I stayed with her. What I didn't remember, was that she later told me the reason for our walks was that at least once a day, I'd grab her hand and walk her to her door and say, "Go find Mama. Go find Mama."

    She was all I ever wanted. Still is. I lost her when I was 24. Can't believe that I now have been without her longer than I had her.

    Ahh, but the memories are wonderful.

  13. My first memory is being asked by the music teacher in kindergarten to sing "Silent Night."
    I felt like a star.
    Had to post this under "anonymous" because I can't (damn it)remember my Google account password.

  14. sorry, meant to put my name in there. Ellen Altamore

  15. Ok: test on the new password.

  16. OK mu first memory may give you a hint as to why I am what I am so here it goes... I think I was almost 2 and my uncle and aunt were living with us at the time. It was a hot night and I remember being very thirsty so I say a bottle left on the table and drank it down! Hey guess what it was my very first BEER! I do remember the taste and I think there is a picture of it somewhere(mom always had a camera ready) and I will tell you right now that there is nothing like a good cold beer on a hot day! Go figure!

    It sounds like you are feeling a little better and I am sorry you couldn't be with mama so give her a squnch when you can and have that man give you one for me (hey maybe I can start something ;0 )

    Huge Hugs

  17. I hope you feel better soon! And I mean that, I'm not just saying because I need that bead. :)

    Earliest memories; the red shag carpet of my mama's trailer, the stuffed panda bear I had a crush on, my poppy's flip of hair over his forehead.

  18. My earliest clear memory was when I was three. I was bored so I pick up an encyclopedia at my Gram's house and needed help sounding out a word. So I took it to her and she just couldn't believe that I was reading it. She called in my mom and my grandfather to see what I was doing.