August 23, 2010

Is it considered stalking if you are about to watch the same season of Dexter for the 14th time?

Thank you for the well wishes and Get Well Soons.  I'm planning to do that, just as soon as whatever this is beating my body to smithereens chooses to vacate the premises.  I can count on under 2 hands the number of times I've been sick in 39+ years, and that includes the two fingers I'm holding up for this flumonia.  

Thanks also for sharing your memories with me yesterday.  It is fascinating how alike childhoods can be even under the most diverse of circumstances.  Reading some of the things you shared sparked a couple of my own memories long since forgotten~  Although the only time I ever vomitted on a stooge was at age 5 when I was car sick on a long road trip and puked all over myself.

So.  About the prize.  He picked a number and the winning comment was #11~ Releases by Rufydoof.  Karyn, I'll need your mailing address so that I can send your treasure on its way in a few days, after my germiness has subsided.

I'm heading back to bed with a brownie, Netflix, this~

and some cough syrup.




  1. Congrats Karyn (you lucky dog)

    I just watched Dexter for the first time last night I am a little confused but I kinda like it!

    Get better and that piece your working on is gorgeous!


  2. Karyn is on a roll she also won my monthly comment contest. Congrats to Karyn. Ohhhh by the way if you are a stalker for watching Dexter 14 times then I am a stalker for doing the same thing, Not with Dexter though. LOL

  3. Ohhh I know you're sick and all , but the color of LOVE sure does look good on you!


    get well soon rapstar!

    Mare :)

  4. Oh how exciting...I lurrrvvve your beads! Thank you so much!

    Nothing wrong with stalking Dexter... I mean how can one resist the lure of a sexy serial killer! Counting down until Season 5 starts in September...


  5. I tried Dexter and just couldn't get into it. All I read are murder mysteries so I thought it would be a perfect fit but . . . nope.