August 21, 2010


I developed a slight cough Thursday night and by yesterday my voice had become the love child of Elmer Fudd and Bea Arthur.  I won't mention the 101+ fevers or how I woke up coughing so hard last night that I ended up hovering over porcelain pleading with my lungs to stay inside my body, because that would be a prime example of TMI topped off with some Ew.

But this?  This right here warrants a blog post no matter how craptastic I feel:


In your face,


  1. Drink lot of fluids and feel better soon. Great bead.

  2. What gorgeous creations you make! So happy to have found you, your blog and your beads ~ thank you for "Following" mine!
    Looking forward to future visits.

  3. Lots of fluids to stay hydrated! If you keep coughing go and see the doctor (I nag, so be warned!). I hope you feel better soon girl (being sick sucks big time).
    The bead is gorgeous, so take that evil devil beads!
    Get to feeling better!

  4. I knew you would conker them devil beads! It is gorgeous and I am sure your customer will be estatic! Ok now the mom in me says drink alot! Good fluids I mean and take some nyquil then go to sleep! If you arn't better by Monday call the doc!

    Love and Hugs

  5. beautiful bead. do hot toddies help with a cough?

    hope u feel better soon.

  6. Fabulous bead! I've had similar crud all week and now my husband is sick. You know whooping cough is going around the South. Many reported cases in Grady Co., GA.

    Feel better.

  7. I'm glad I'm not the one with junk in the trunk... errr, lungs. 'Cuz I'm laughing so hard right now that I think my guts are coming to visit you! Juls, that's a dynamite bead. Please make sure you use enough fire so they bead doesn't catch your cough. I would hate for that baby to get sick. :)

    Feel better deary!