May 19, 2010

Unless you are a Monica, in which case you should totally come over. I promise to let you clean.

Karyn is a ray of sunshine that will make you smile whether you like it or not with her gorgeous blog, gorgeous family, and gorgeous soul.  I was fortunate to meet all that gorgeousness in the first Bead Soup Blog Party, and lucky for you I'm not too selfish to share.

Unlucky for you is the fact that this is already shaping up to be a novel instead of a blog if you don't have your glasses on and a giant cup/glass of (?) it might be best to click the red X now and save yourself.

Karyn gifted me with the Kreativ Blogger award, and I have plans to roll around in it for a minute or 3 hours.

First I think I'll get the rules out of the way because sharing good things with good people is always the best part.

I am to pass this on and in no particular order my assigned number of  7 choices are~

Angelina ~ Her glass sculptures have a tangible aura..a sensibility...a presence about them that brings them to life.  And her writing is pretty darn good too.

Mary ~ A beautiful soul with whom I feel fortunate to share space on the fringe.  Her insight and sense of self are exemplary.

Samma ~ My soul sista, amazing artist, generous spirit, full of wonder and talent.  Glass to die for.

Stephanie ~  Another girl after my own heart.  Her work is as varied as it is beautiful and she's not afraid to try something new.  Love her style.

MaryAnn ~ I love working with her beads.  There is a bit of her in every piece that makes them special.  I also love that she shares creative space with her hubby and how they inspire each other. 

Marie ~ Speaking of heart and soul, this lady is the definition of both.  Go to her blog.  You'll see what I mean.

Ed ~ otherwise known as Eternally Distracted.  Not at all bead related, but so funny, interesting, and geniune. Mec for Prez!

Here is the fabulous blog tag for you fabulous people~


And now its time for the ME ME ME with the 'share 7 things about yourself' bit.  Feel free to nap during this part.

1. I paint~ an activity that in my case is mostly controlled by the left side of my brain and requires complete cohesion and organization.  One of my very first drawings was published in a Wildlife and Game magazine ~ an interpretation of the monster from "Where the Wild Things Are".  I sucked at painting back then and as you can see that hasn't changed. 

Still, I was inspired by my chubby precious Sheba Kitteh to create some Fat Cat notecards in her honor.  If you are in my family, you probably shouldn't be seeing this because it is one of a set you are getting for Christmas.  If you aren't in my family I bet you are feeling pretty relieved right now.

2. Speaking of kittehs...this one doesn't belong to me. I'm sure he has a home up the road somewhere.  He has a janked up tail that at some point must have broken in half and been left to heal in the most retarded/folded on itself fashion.  He started showing up in January purring all over everything so I fed him.  Then it got cold so I put a box outside on the screened patio with a fluffy blanket in it and began leaving the screen door cracked.  Next thing I know he has a water bowl out there and I'm buying gigantic bags of cat food because 2 of his (obvious) spawn are also coming round and bringing their friends.

That is how this guy who I would not name because he does not belong to me came to be known as Baby Daddy and why I am sharing his photo on my blog.   Now if someone could explain to him that I don't belong to him he might stop trying to hang out with me all day in the studio.  With that gorgeous face.  And all that motorboat purring.  

I have a cat named Baby Daddy, don't I?

3.  I once took that "which Friends character are you" quiz.  When I finished, a hand reached out of my monitor and wiped my desk, braided my hair, then disappeared with my wallet.  Apparently I am equal parts control freak, loving hippy, and self absorbed princess.  I'm thinking of changing my name to MoniPhoeRay, but I'm afraid I won't remember how to spell it.   

4. I find small talk exhausting.  Educate me on why a toothbrush has a specific number of bristles, make me laugh, or share your soul with me ~ just please don't engage me in pointless or meaningless chatter.  I'd much rather be kicked in the shin.

5.  When my 2 furbabies are no longer with me I am selling my home and everything in it to move to the coast.  I don't know which one on which continent yet, and chances are I'll throw a dart at a globe and see where it bounces off.  For now though, I promised this one I'd never leave her and after 13 years I'm not likely to break that promise.

6.  I march to the beat of my own saxophone.  I quit caring what other people think about me a long time ago.  Except for you of course.   

7. I don't take myself too seriously.  And you shouldn't either.



  1. Why thank you lovely lady... When you throw that dart I hope it comes this way, partly because everything is free and also because I think you need to teach me to be a bead lady!!

  2. Congrats on your Kreativ Blogger award because you seriously deserve it. I always look forward to your blogs because I always leave smiling. You Beady Awesome Juls!
    I love your "Fat Cat" notecards. It is awesome!!!!

  3. Bright light in the Universe that is what you are. Keep shining that star MoniPhoeRay (heh. I can't spell it right either!)
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Juls!!!! Thank you! What an honor! I am most appreciative and humbled. I LERVE your cat cards! I think you are a fine artist/painter/ writer -dare i say "MUSE" . MMhmmm. I love the award. I am with you on that coast thing. First one there opens our nightclub/java cafe by the sea. XOXOX thanks for making my day.


  5. Thanks, Juls/MoniPhoeRay!

    Reading your seven things lightened my day :)

  6. Thanks for sharing! I am new to your blog and am totally in love with your beads! They will definatly be on my b-day wish list!! (gotta wait til november though)

  7. Oh I forgot to mention the fat cat post cards I totally "heart" them...I have a chubby "Cinder" who owns me too!

  8. Thank you so much, Juls. Means a lot to me! regards Stefanie

  9. Thanks everyone,'all are welcome. :D

  10. I was more than happy to give you the award... I love checking out your blog and as I said it always makes me smile.