June 28, 2010

Feelin' the Love

I haven't melted completely (yet), but the warm fuzzies I have from more than a few emails concerned about my absence aren't helping matters.  Have I told you people recently that you are my favorite?

I was insanely busy on Saturday, and then I took a day off.  A whole day!   The sky didn't even fall on my head even though I only spent 15 minutes online. I made peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies and then curled up with the furkids in bed watching tv and dozing between naps.  I would have blogged about it but I don't want you to hate me because my life is so glamorous. 


The weather is thunderstormy once again so I have been playing organizer girl in the bead studio.  THIS! TIME! I! AM! SUPER! EXCITED! about  the whole put things away thing because things around here?  Things are a'changin.    I'll try to snap a preview of the thing that's gonna be the thing so I can fill you in.

Anyway, I found a gigantical bowl of orphan beads this morning so I've enjoyed stringing some of them up into sorta matchy sets and listing them on Etsy.  Except the listing part kinda suckethed much until I discovered a perfectly good place to use the word Jankified, which is one of my personal Julispeak favorites.  Pretty much any day you can use the word Jankified once, let alone twice, is a day worth celebrating with a peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie or 10.

Here are a couple of the 15 orphan groups going into THE SHOP at $1-$2 a bead~

Surfer On Acid

Girls Night Out

Additional Sets will be listed tomorrow.



  1. I got my rainbow brights today in the mail, and I am in love! thank you for the little extra! loved the way you packaged them it was like a mini birthday party! you even included the desert!

  2. Well Hi! I GOT MY "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!" today!!!!! Please go to www.perpetuawhimsica.blogspot.com for a special message for you. "No You Are". It is not "jankified" at all! Thanx for the necklaces made so beautifully and I seriously needed new key rings!

    Big Love Mamma! (yes that is my word like bama but Mamma"


  3. have I told you lately that your beads are beautiful?

    just say'n.

    (stay cool & show us pics of your studio)

  4. i just love how fun and vibrant your beads are. just looked at all 72 of your listings on Etsy. Orphan bead lots of my favorites!

    Enjoyed reading your post. Too funny about your glamorous life. It does sound a bit like a mini vacation.

    Strictly my opinion, but I seem to find that artist tend to be a bit a.d.d. It's hard for us to shut of our brains down, and not multitask. So to actually lay down and watch a movie, without having to do something with our hands, is a rare and special thing.

    Have a fantastic night!

  5. So you stayed in bed, ate peanut butter cookies and then created some fabulousness?? I am in awe.... ish ;0)

    Don't do it again... you worried us!

  6. OK so I wasn't the only one worried that makes me feel a little less dependent :) I love the ophan bead lots and am trying to convince my hubby that they are the perfect 20th anniversary present! And next time the least you could do is share the cookies ;)

  7. OMG! I love those beads and seriously love the names of those beads. Pay day tomorrow, I might have to go shopping.