February 1, 2010

Studio Style

Say it with me: "I love it when an artist shares studio photo porn."  If you shook your head violently or ya know, just disagreed, go ahead and pin that Peeping Tomette Badge on me.

I've gotten so many great organizational ideas surfing studio and design websites that I've almost gotten my act together in my own.  ~ Ha.  I got jokes.

But everything does have an assigned home now.  The problem is helping it find its way back there when I finish with a project instead of it landing in the random piles of Put Away Parties that start off innocently enough but eventually require their own zip codes.

This is my favorite storage solution, which coincidentally houses my favorite of all beads.

I found these fabulous 6 drawer wooden units at Fred's Dollar store for $40.  They come with casters making it super easy to roll them around.  The drawers are a perfect 2" in depth~ deep enough for a few layers and shallow enough to dig through when needed.    I heart them.


The Pearl Drawer~ I rarely use them, but when they are right for the job nothing else will do.  Plus I dig 'em.


Gemstones~ Everyone knows that if 1 strand is good then 10 is better, especially at wholesale price breaks.  I had tubs of the precious.  Tubs I never opened and thus precious I never used.  My solution was to downsize, and these 12 section shoe caddies from Target paired with some $2 clear acrylic cases from Walmart did the trick.  If it didn't fit, it had to git.


Things found on my desk:

Do you know about  StoryPeople by Brian Andreas  I fell in love with this one back in 1996.  My brother bought it for me because I told him to.  Or maybe because he is a ball of awesomeness wrapped in wonderful. 

"I once had a garden filled with flowers that grew only on dark thoughts but they need constant attention and
one day I decided I had better things to do."


Check it!   It's a mousepad.  And a calendar.  And a photo frame.  I don't even need to point out that it is Pink and Brown.

I found it in the $1 bin at Michael's.  Score.


Visual White Noise~  This set is a studio must have.  For the stunning cinematography, it doesn't get any better in the way of making me wish I had another set of eyes and hands.


So hey.  Yes YOU!  Why not invite us into your studio?  We'd love to see!


  1. Hi Julianna,
    My friend Michelle told me about your site and I have been perusing your Etsy and Beaders showcase sites. You do lovely work.

    Thanks for sharing your work space. I love the little drawer things you bought at Fred's.
    My space is a mess and it grows every day.
    I have been thinking about getting a flat/lateral file cabinet. The type drafters to store maps and things in.
    Will visit again soon.
    Thanks again,
    Donna in Tennessee.

  2. See Juls? I am spreading the word about your stupendousness and fabulosity in the Bead-dom hall of fame - one friend at a time! Everyone should be lucky enough to get an eyeful of your beautiful art.

  3. Don't have any idea how I missed this post earier but I love what you've done with the Fred's carts. Currently I have 6 of them at different spots in my studio. The last two are stacked on top of some recycled cassette storage. Here's the link if you want to check out what I did with them http://harrisonhollowdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/06/studio-remodel.html
    I have one on either side of my worktable and two at my computer workstation.