June 8, 2010

Cuz I are a Cat Whisperer

I've been eyeing the work of Beth and Evie over at EB Bead and Metal Works for quite some time now.   Actually eyeing isn't the right word.  It's more like staring it down stalker style.

I've been seriously coveting the gorgeous hand bowls and this incredible sun pendant, and after (probably) one too many threats to come to IN and rob them while they sleep they decided maybe they'd better do some trading with me.

There isn't praise enough for the excellent quality of their work ~ It is as well made as it is unique.

Don't hate me because they are beautiful.
Although I would totally understand if you do.
I am almost jealous of myself,
and they're mine.

Sheba the Fat Cat was super excited about them too~ evidenced by the fact that she removed her paw from her face and glared through the slit of an eye when my happy squee! interrupted her slumber.

But I know what she's really thinking!



  1. :-P I am sooooooo jealous! First you get these beauties then you trade your work? I at least get to share some cyber space with you. Luv ya

  2. Ohhhh I'm jealous! How gorgeous!
    I love your kitty...very sweet! I have 3 furry ones and 3 kitties myself. Hope you day is a great one...hey, wait a minute, with a trade like that your day is going to be a excellent one for you. lol
    Bead Happy!
    Giant hugs and happy beading...

  3. I hate you. Yep, I do ;0)

  4. Girl....... you are so not right..... that you are right.... I adore the 'cat whispering' and I adore you- love your translation of what Sheba was thinking, love that painting, love ouy- and oh yeah, you make a blog super fun!

    muah, lolol I love "kitteh"(the way you write and use that)
    have agreatday- I am off to have my "foonje" yeah in a wack/out of sorts mood, massaged on out!

    as we like to say here at the salon when we remove knots from our bodies, and say it like that faith healer "OOUUt SAtan!'

    yeah , don't be scared

    xoxo Mary

  5. Oh you lucky lucky girl... very noice indeedy! I will admit I am only a WEE bit jealous :D


  6. Aren't they pure awesomeness!? Everyone should own a piece of EB art.

    @KJ, Baby Daddy gets excited over the wind blowing. He's just awesome like that.

    @ED, Uh huh. suuuuurrreee ya do. :P

    @Mary, Foonje? Maybe I don't wanna know.....

  7. Fooooonge (pronounciation) America (country of origin) English/slang (language of origin) In a sentence. What a fooonja face. Don't put your foonge on me! (It basically means annoyed moody-bug up your but/catty/ unpleasant). Of course it just evolved out of nowhere. LOL. There is also a feeling of internal foonge- which I had yesterday- which I did my best not to put on anybody.

    I am pleased to report- it's over. Almost as soon as it began- I got over myself really quick. Because.... I LIke to feel great! All of the time! And this a.m. I had the hands of Victor make me feel like I disappeared from this world for an hour. Yum!!!!!!
    xo- nice cleaning work!