June 6, 2010

If you think I'm sitting here wearing the bowl on my head then you must know me.

So.  I'm late with the drawing.  I couldn't find my hat, but I did find a red bowl that looks nothing like a hat.

I closed my eyes and pulled out a name~

Then I opened my eyes and intentionally snagged Dawn's name out of the lot, because her comment about acne cream for pimple beads made me snort Dr Pepper up my nose and for that she deserves a present.  Ouch and thank you.

Belinda and Dawn,  you each get a lampwork focal.  Please email me your addresses to julicannon @ hotmail . com.



  1. lucky ducks.
    and as i type this (in a whisper, i might add) i am wishing you a head filled with soft soothing air.
    enjoy the day!

  2. Ahhh both deserving winners. I love the snorting of Dr Pepper up your nose. Goooooshh you sound so much like me. LOL

  3. Ahahahahaha! you are so my doppleganger sista in so many ways! I was tripping the light fantastic last night as well- I did not get the hangover before the hangover thing- this time so i was fine!( 'you ever get that one?) but yeah, I just have to know if that marching band suddenly quieting down and leaving your brain was because it had entered mine? haha! Love dancing to the Arabic rhythms- belly dancers, hookahs, delight. have a great Sunday- and that bowl looks beautiful on your beautiful head. Congrats to the bead winners! luckkkkkyyyyyy! (napoleon dynamite style).

    xo Mary

  4. Lucky ladies! and I think a good nap should get you back to normal, enjoy your Sunday!

  5. :( They are so lucky! What I want to know is if you were drinking and playing darts how did you do? I stayed up late to but alas it was just to finish my bracelet and luckily no drinking involved or I would be entering it in ugly bracelet contest instead! Just think Dr Pepper up the nose can certianly clean out your sinises!

    Oh congrats Ladies you do deserve them!

  6. Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyy...do you mean me?? Really??!! YIPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm so damn excited! I've never owned a piece of lampworked amazingness in my life...how awesome that you're my first, Juls ;-) I feel incredibly blessed and grateful and I promise to give your beautiful bead the most AMAZING home. THANK YOU!

    Oh, and I hope the bands have stopped playing in your head...and craptastic is one of my favourite words, btw :-D

  7. @erin~ Your kindness knows no bounds.

    @Nicole~ DP will definitely clean the sinuses. Owie.

    @Mary~ Luckyyyyyy. LMBO!!!

    @Regina~ several naps actually. ;)

    @Kristn~ Smart girl you are. No more drinking for me ever again. Until the next time.

    @Belinda, Then you just might love the craptastic pimple bead. :D

  8. I'm stealing that idea for a contest on my blog - whichever comment makes me snort Dr. Pepper WINS! Fabulous!

  9. Awwww, Juls... maybe we should pass on the acne cream to those HS students playing percussion in your head today so they can feel confident in themselves and take the day off to go to the beach and leave your poor head alone!

    I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited to win one of Juls Amazing Beads! I can't believe I won! I think I need to go pick me up a lottery ticket... and a Dr. Pepper... which I'll send to you since you didn't get to fully enjoy your last one. :)

    Thank you so much Juls! You're so darn toot'n wonderful I could just kiss ya... but I won't, cuz I don't want your percussion section in my head!


  10. Hi, I just wanted to say Congrats to them...wow! I just love your blog and your work! You're so talented, your work amazes me! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!

  11. @KJ, feel free you contest name theiver. :P

    @Dawn, yes! More Dr Pepper!

    @Bobbi, thank you so much for such kind words. *squish*