June 10, 2010

Webster ain't got nothin' on Julispeak.

Optimism.  (n)  Seeing the good in what could easily be perceived as EW

Yesterday began with the need for some optimism because it started with powering up my laptop to the sound of its sputtering laughter as it decided not to participate in any further activity thankyouverymuch.

Several reboots later the results were the same, and I found myself looking at this~


Anger.  (n)  An emotion best handled with optimism.

These light domes haven't been this shiny in years.  As a matter of fact this bathroom is cleaner than the day it was new.  So thank you, Bill Gates, for the updates that killed my computer.  Maybe now my makeup won't look like it was applied by a 2 year old.


Angry cleaning beats Spring cleaning by a mile.


When life hands you lemons, take your Laptop to the doctor before you beat it with a hammer.
Then make lemonade.  And be sure to use plenty of sugar.  Or Vodka.



  1. And don't forget the splash of vodka in that lemonade! ;) Always makes the BFH look less inviting (Big F*$-!@ Hammer)

    Hope you can get some PC Antibiotics from the computer doctor to fix up your HP soon (aka Huge Pile) :)

    Have a fantabulous day darlin!


  2. Sounds awful but your post made my day:-)) Hugs Stefanie