May 26, 2010

More than you ever wanted to know about my stuff.

Yesterday I moved every piece of furniture in my bedroom so that I could clean on it, in it, and around it.  The bed was the exception because it is the heaviest thing on Earth next to....well, Earth. I did manage to remove the mattresses and give the underneath some needed attention, but only after I removed all the stuff that was stored under there.

I've been feeling a little at odds with my space lately, and I realized yesterday that it is because I have too much STUFF.   Tons of stuff.  Stuff I don't use.  Stuff I don't need.  Stuff I've forgotten I have. Stuffy Stuff.

When I moved back to Alabama I gave away or sold most of my stuff, and when I bought this place I had a bedroom set, studio furniture and a bigass TV.  My mom loaned me a day bed to use as a couch until I could buy one.   So how did I end up with so much stuff taking up space that should be stuffless?  Enough with the stuff.

Having been self employed for 8 years I'm pretty good at multi-tasking and balancing the have tos with the should dos and want tos.  But today my only thought is must kill the stuff, and I am so singularly focused on that task that when I discovered Sheba playing in a box of freshly loaded stuff I almost closed her up in it.  I'm pretty sure she is now looking around at the very clean, very lacking in stuff to hide behind space known as under the bed and thinking "WTH?  Where's my stuff!?"

I'm tearing through the beading studio today, and tomorrow begins a Destash shop that will make bead lovers want to send me extra money.  Or a straight jacket.   Stay tuned.


Here is one of a few 2 piece pendant sets new in my  Etsy shop today~

~Road to Atlantis~



  1. Hey Juls,
    You want to come to Indiana and get rid of some of my stuff?
    That is one thing I miss about being in the military, the purges every time I moved. This is the longest I have ever lived anywhere and I have stuff everywhere. I also have stuff from my grandparents that ended up in my house after they died. Stuff, stuff, stuff everywhere!
    Maybe during my week of vacation I will take your cue and get rid of stuff.
    Love the Road to Atlantis bead, it is to die for!!!!

  2. I grew up and married military also, Beth~ and I know exactly what you mean! Time to move? Time to dump stuff. I've been in my house longer than the typical duty assignment, and that could be why I feel like I am drowning in stuff. This time next week I won't have a chair to sit in if I'm not careful. And I love ya girl, but I'm afraid you'll have to handle your own stuff. Because once I'm finished here I'll be running around the house with outstretched arms doing cartwheels for at least a month.
    And thanks~ It is one of my recent favorite beads. :)

  3. Your bead is wonderful and your post reminds me that my closet could need some attention too...

    regards Stefanie

  4. That pendant is Gorgeous! I love it- and I love the de-stuffing. I thought I had de-stuffed a lot since I just moved-but now that I read your post- I will de-stuff even more- who needs it? Not me :) I will do cartwhells like you. Love you!

  5. I love to de-stuff in fact I do it every time I change my decor for the season. Sometimes its good but sometimes I think I still have something but I don't. Being married to a designer there is no clutter (everything has its place) but.... It must be hard for him with my crafting ADD/OCD issues ;)

  6. We moved from a smaller house in December to a larger one. But my new house appears to be filled with stuff and stuff that isn't yet put away. Like one entire stall of the garage. For six months. With no signs of going anywhere (at least the chipmonk camped out in my garage is having a blast.)
    I can't WAIT for the destash. You might want to wait to send me my beads until I have a chance to load up on your mean, awesome destash beads!
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Haaa. I am battling stuff right now too. Where does it all come from? Bead beauty!

  8. Have you ever heard George Carlin's comedy routine all about "stuff?" It sounds like you are acting out his words in de-stuffing all your stuff. I desperately wish I had the time to get rid of some of my stuff so I could make room for newer, better stuff but I am stuck working at a job so I can earn the money to buy more stuff and least I got to send YOU some of my stuff LOL!

  9. Love the new beads, Juls! Those colours are to-die-for ♥

    Less clutter definitely = more creativity. Once you've finished cartwheelin', you'll be crankin' out those beads like there's no tomorrow ;-)

  10. I agree. I have too much stuff too! Every few weeks I fill a box with decent flea market items and post a "curb alert" on craigslist to advertise the free stuff that someone needs to pick up from my curb and take far, far away!

  11. I see that I am in excellent 'stuff' company. And I have no idea where it comes from. I don't remember procuring some of the household stuff. I'm assuming it was on sale. Or something. :P