May 24, 2010

P.S.S. But he IS a Wee Bitty Thing.

I have been behind on everything for the last week. It started with a glass meltdown on Monday when I mistakenly entered the fuse cycle instead of the anneal cycle on a kiln full of beads.  I CAN'T BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW FUN THAT WAS.

A lot of what was in there were custom order bead sets that I had to remake~ which meant I didn't get to play with my new silver glass.   It was an unfortunate situation that made my inner child stomp around on my gray matter wearing soccer cleats which explains why my attention span is now shorter than Tom Cruise.

I'm almost caught up, and I did manage to get some focal sets ready for Etsy this morning. 



~Here Comes The Sun~


P.S.  I don't have anything against Tom Cruise.



  1. Hey I thought I was the only one who stomped around my gray matter! I never thought of soccor cleats though (good one) the beads are delicious!

  2. Cool focals, Juls. regards Stefanie

  3. That sucks about the kiln mishap. I seriously hate when that happens! Those focal beads are WAY YUMMY looking!

  4. Bummer!
    And Tom that a comment on his stature or his stature (if you know what I mean)?
    Becuase I agree that he is small in most ways.

    I hope the day looks up for you!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Thanks, girlies!

    @Erin~ his stature, of course! :P

  6. Ooooohhh...pretty. Wow you got some gorgeous colors going on in these beads!

  7. I'm sorry about your glass! But I love how you explain your anger...LOL!