May 27, 2010

And I won't even drink from the bottle.


I am overwhelmed.

I spent yesterday sorting beads.  12 hours of yesterday.  Deciding what to keep.  Taking pictures of what I am parting with.  Opening a brand new destash Etsy store.  12 hours.

I haven't even scraped the bottom of the barrel.  And it dawned on me just now that I don't want another Etsy store.  I don't want to babysit sales of items at a fraction of what I paid for them.  I don't want to waste my time and energy like this when I should be creating.

I don't wanna.

I only want to keep what speaks to the style that has become my own over the last 5 years. I only want to keep that which I know I will use.

I don't want the rest of my inventory sitting around here neglected.  I don't want to feel pulled in every direction because I have too many options.  I don't want my studio to be overflowing with things I've forgotten I have.  I don't want to have so many treasures that I forget about them.

I don't wanna.

I'm rethinking the destash store.   I think maybe instead I'll just slap a couple of auctions on Ebay. Giant auctions full of treasure that someone else can love.  Because honestly?  That whole 'I want 10 of everything right now' habit I had going for a few years?    I'm over it.

There are some bead and cord listings in the shop I opened yesterday.  I'm going to leave them there until I get the auctions ready to go on Ebay, but I'm not adding anything else.  There's just too much.

The Etsy destash shop is called DIET BEADS.

If you see something there you want snag it now, because I'll be closing that shop and throwing that stuff into the Ebay auctions when I list them in a few days.

For now I'm going to sit out back and appreciate another treasure I've neglected for a while:


Thanks for sitting through my wine. Next time I'll bring enough for everyone.



  1. What a view! I'm not sure I got this right but I think your current mind set is "I don't wanna" :) I hope the rest of today is better!

  2. I just put an order thru that will clean at least a few things :) I can't WAIT :D

  3. I have "fabric" stash... the thought of parting with any of it gives me the shivers... a good half of it I'll never use... and I know it.

  4. Kristen, you are exactly right. :P

    Kate, you are an angel of mercy. Thank you!

    Eloh, the sad truth is that I also have a rubbermaid tub full of quilting squares....and I DO NOT SEW. But...but..Joanne's went out of business and they were ON SALE.

    I know. I should kick my own behind.