May 28, 2010

And it tastes a lot like humble pie.*

So hi!  I'm back from Hissyfitville where my stay at the Tantrum Inn was both enlightening and embarrassingly refreshing.   I debated buying y'all postcards but it seemed repetitious considering I had already given a play by play of my breakdown right here on my blog.

Now before you go thinking I'm no longer full of Don't Wannas, I can promise you that I am.  Oh yeah.  I have a mile long list of don't wannas, but at some point last night I realized that I'm not the only one.  We've all got the dontwannas.   There may not be a cure, but like most other maladies in First World Living there is treatment, and it's called Get Off the Pity Pot You Ungrateful Whinybutt and Focus On Your Blessings.

Sometimes that treatment comes in the form of words from friends, and those words can sometimes sound like getoffthepitypotyouungratefulwhinybuttandfocusonyourblessings.  Which must be where the treatment got its name, but I'm guessing on that one so don't quote me.

So yes. I still want all of the excess in my life gone YESTERDAY.  And no, I don't wanna dedicate the time to babysitting another Etsy Shop.  But yes, I do wanna recoup at least a portion of the money I have invested.  But no, I don't wanna throw it all into one auction on an impatient whim and risk losing thousands of dollars.  And yes, I do realize I sound like a crazy person.  But no, I don't wanna sound like a crazy person.      So I think I'll stop and maybe just focus on balancing the wannas with the donts.

Diet Beads stays open. You'll find a direct link showing new listings in the right column of this blog.

Eventually I'll get to the bottom of it all and hopefully everything will find a loving home in which to grow into something beautiful.  Eventually I'll realize that I can't have everything I want just the way I want it right this minute and hopefully that will mean I have grown into something beautiful also.

For now  I've decided to eat the dontwanna elephant the only way a person can eat an elephant~ one bite at a time.*


New Focals on Etsy today!

~The Long and Winding Road~

~Rip Tide~



  1. You have a way, Miss Juls. You have a way that is all your own. I love to see what you have to say because it is exactly what my brain is screaming at me, but in a much more hilarious state. I dontwanna is a great exercise. It forces you to examine your priorities and take action, I think. What is it they say? You may be on the right track but you'll get run over if you just sit there. Keep on movin' forward, darlin'.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Hissyfits are good for the soal I have them every once in a while and afterwards I seem to focus a little better. I enjoy knowing I'm not the only one!

  3. LOLOLOL hehehehehe! I love the way you roll Juls! Sometimes when it happens to me I revert to the old rap tune "mmooove b**ch get out the way"- yeah I sing it to myself. That some yoga, some prayer then some forgiveness and surrender. That's my cocktail for the self-imposed bLehhhhhhhhhhhh furball tha sometimes gets lodged in my creative throat. I have great faith in you, And i have great faith that you'll ask and allow the HIgher Power to "H E P a sista out"= love and rapstars :)

    P.S. GORGEOus work!