April 20, 2010

Whaddaya mean those aren't the lyrics!?

On Monday night you will typically find me hurling projectiles through the air and setting sail with The Captain.  They call it Dart League, but I call it throwsomethingsharpwhilstdrinkingSIGNMEUP!

This can sometimes make Tuesday morning more of a leftover Monday, time best spent cleaning or mowing the lawn or suffering through any of the number of things that aren't fun but need to be done just the same.  That being said, it is NOT a good time to clean the litter box.  Trust.

Yet I have become kinder to myself with experience.  Gone are the days of partying all night and functioning all day on an hour's worth of sleep.  Also gone?  The desire to try.  This late 30s gig is good for the soul.

You know what else is good for the soul?  Friends.  Old and new.  Those you see every day, those you see once every 5 years, those you have never seen save their words on a screen.   Friendship is to grownups what magic is to a child~ something to believe in, to conspire with, to cherish.

I found this perfectly handcrafted card (in turquoise!) in my mailbox this morning. And if you look close enough at that black flower, you will find a clasp made of awesome (and turquoise!).  

Thank you, Jen!!
You made my day, sistagirl.

Jen is single handedly responsible for my newly found love of the color orange.  You would be doing yourself a favor to go check out exactly how much she rocks it.

As for me, I'll be downstairs Rockin' the Cat Box~ Rock the Cat Box!



  1. Your words are always a little bit heaven. Okay. A kookie-cat box-bead rockin' heaven, but heaven nonetheless. And I do agree. There is magic here...
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. I just read your post, before my hell class started, and I was cracking up. You gave me a smile to get me through a 75 minute history class! You're the best! Beth

  3. SWEETIE!! haaaaaaaaa I cleaned my catbox twice, plus I got a new RENUZIT and it isn't DOOOZING it for me. I'm so glad you liked your treats!! I get in card grooves every once in a while. One night I punched out about 600 flowers from random pieces of paper. In addition to the bead hoard, there's a lot of paper in my house too. :) Can't wait to hang out again!!! Maybe I can come down on a Friday night and throw pointy things as a warmup to torchy time. haaaaaaaaaa Ciao! Jen

  4. That's why I now only have dogs....gone are the days of the litter box...with or without the wine!!

  5. fun thoughts,
    lovely notes for your friend.
    enjoy a day as beautiful as your post!