April 22, 2010

Yeah, that's probably not going to happen.

I am hooked on Netflix for the Wii.  Did you know that you can watch entire seasons of tv episodes in that little box of Squee!? Last weekend was the Firefly Fest, and this week has become all things Dexter~ a sociopathic blood splatter specialist employed by the fuzz who likes to spend his leisure time killing things.  Things like people.   He's a trip.

So last night I finally turned the TV off around 2 am.  Partly because it was 2 am...but mostly because for some reason I lost my Netflix signal.  And by 7 am this morning I was wearing a new turquoise ring and eating my weight in yummy decadence topped with fluffy buttercream and a couple of numbers.  Numbers which make me question whether I should maybe stop saying the word DUDE.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JULZ! That cake looks delicious - and don't worry about those numbers... if it's any consolation I am only 2 below you!

    Oh how I love Dexter. Have you managed to see all of Season 4 yet? I watched it back in Sept/Oct last year.. let me know if you have as we need to discuss the ending!!!!!! Oh I do l♥ve Dexter!

    I hope you have a fantabulous birthday.. keep smiling!


  2. Happy Birthday to you! The cake looks sooooo good!
    I love Firefly and I wish that show could have stayed on TV!
    I hope you have a great day partying and eating lots of cake!

  3. Hey Juls--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! And, you're never to 'mature' to say dude---unless you're speaking to a female and then, personally, I prefer "dudette"--but, what-ev-errrrrr! ;-) Mmmmm, cake and coffee for breakfast! One of my favorite things. Have a wonderful day. CJ

  4. I don't know. You are only as old as you feel or allow yourself to be. And if DUDE makes you happy and makes you you, then I say keep it. Happy happy day to you Juls!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Hippetty happetty birthday, Juls! Age is just a number, truly (so I keep telling myself as I stare down the barrel of 3..0... *eep*) I hope your day was full of yummy cake, delicious turquoise, and a big dose of SPOILT ROTTEN! B. -xo-

  6. Juls - I wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday!

    Marcia (Mousewynne)

  7. IT's TIME ;o) Just teasin'....It would probably be like me breaking the habit of saying, "HUH?" instead of "what". I've been trying to ever since my mother told me to stop saying that to customers when I was filling in for her secretary at the ripe old age of 16. I still say it and wish I could break it, but at almost 50...chances are, my memory of why I should break the habit will be gone before the habit is. Happy Belated Birthday! "Huh? did you say something?"

  8. Happy Birthday...numbers do not mean a thing!