April 27, 2010

And that's how I rock it, Dude.

I have been searching for these containers for a long time. 

One arrived broken, and they are replacing it
with my next order.
Excellent customer service!
I'm also working on special orders. 


The close of April/Juli 2010

Over the last year I've been prone to say "I'm 38, not 18". It's a short story that involves things like heavy lifting and taking out the trash.

During the course of this past weekend I absentmindedly said it again and was met with "hahahahaha. no you're not! hahahahaha." Which is totally fine but seriously? Not quite that funny.

Later someone asked me how old I am and I responded by accidentally saying 40. After a few seconds it dawned on me so I explained that 'wait a sec, I'm actually 39' and was again met with highlarious laughter and a 'suuuuuuuuure you are'.

So there it is. I'm not 18 or 38, nor 40 or 39. For anyone who has ever wondered what being timeless feels like, this is it right here. It feels like everything and nothing, and it means either you are a soul for all the ages or an absentminded creative who celebrates your entire birth month with 4 different numbers.

Or Both.


  1. Ohh...I love the special order so far...yum!
    I will have to show mom the plastic containers for the beads and maybe order some for ourselves!
    I always love it when people laugh when you tell them how old your are and they don't believe you. I love doing that with younger students in my classes, who could be my kids, and they say you're not that old!
    Numbers don't mean a thing and you are as young as you want to be. You rock it Juls!

  2. I am digging the organization. I need to get going on that myself, but my beloved Hamilton is still standing empty in the corner until I can figure out how to clean 100 years of ink dust from his bowels, or risk ruining all my investment. Because I plan to retire on my beads you know.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I LOVING the custom order....Can't wait to see them all done!!! Great color choices :O) and one more thing...when you look as good as you do, you should where that number PROUDLY!!

  4. Those containers do look rather swish don't they!

    I still reckon you are as old as you feel. Sometimes I don't feel my 38 years and then other times I feel like I am 50! Stay young in the mind and the rest will follow!

    I love your special order piece too. I have been working on some peyote beads too - tried a round peyote bead yesterday and was clueless as to how to follow the instructions so am now doing some using sz 11 Toho's instead of delicas. Can't wait to see your finished piece.


  5. Hey hottie chick!! Don't you just love pretty organization? I'm going to get some more trays, too, because I love being able to see everything.

    Oh, and thanks for the mini bumblebee/steeler beads...I can't even imagine what they'll look good with! haaaaaaa Flowers and bees? Steelers and turf? haaaaaaaaa