March 27, 2010

Which means I'm totally not kidding.

I've been at this beading and glass thing for a while now.  Before this I did other job things.  Things that might have started off fun but always ended with drool running down my chin and my eyes staring blindly into my own gray matter.  Boring things.  Tedious things.  Things that exhausted me mentally and spiritually.  If any of those things had offered me a million dollars to stay, I still would have walked away. 

It isn't just that I love what I do.  It is so much more than that.  There is peace in knowing that I am doing exactly what I was meant to;  answering the calling that longs to define the humanity of my soul.

That kind of wealth can't be measured with a dollar sign.  It is earned in every failure and success, pocketed one burn at a time.  It is stitched into the fabric of a life tapestry that with the sheer magnitude of its blessings humbles and mystifies.  It is grace and beauty and God.

And it is impossible to be grateful enough.

Thank you for being part of the journey.  Thank you for your comments here.  Thank you for writing your own blogs and sharing your creative hearts with us.   You people really do rock.

I'm surrous!



  1. I love you and your creative soul! I'm looking forward to working together some more.
    Jen V.
    P.s. is that the silver glass? It's gorgeous!

  2. Jen you are an awsome girl. And thank you for your beautiful word's for me on my blog. I love your blog and the jewelry. I think I am going to get more colorful in my old age.
    Love ya,Debbie

  3. @Jen, Love you girl, and you are welcome to come play anytime! That isn't the silver glass~ it is silver foil under transparent glass on ivory. Pretty cool effects.

    @Dee, Thanks sweet lady. I look forward to seeing your colorfulness. Big hugs to you!

  4. Arghhh I feel all warm and goosey :0)

  5. Juls, nice piece of glass!!! Love that focal bead. It's got such a great earthy feel to it.

    You have a way of pouring your soul out through your words. Your post touched me this morning, right in the heart! I can feel the warm & fuzzy love all over blogland!

    Thanks for sharing your bliss with us! ♥


  6. Your words hit the spot! Mom and I were just talking about finding our passion, flameworking and metalsmithing, and that it has taken years to get here. We aren't perfect at what we do but we love it.
    Thanks for your words of inspiration and thanks for just writing! You are awesome girl!

  7. @ED, don't worry, It'll pass. :P

    @Dawn, Big hugs girlie. Thanks so much.

    @EB, Right back at you. and um...DIBS ON THE HAND BOWL! lol

  8. What a amazing work of art wrapped up in glass...and an inspiring blog post to go with it. Great words, I can relate to so much of what you've said. Here's to travelling the path we were meant to! B.

  9. @Belinda, I love your new blog layout. Beautimous! Thank you for the kind words, and Cheers to following your heart. :)

  10. Miz Julz... your blog and your world are now part of my "life tapestry" and I fell wholly blessed. Such a sweetly inspiring post you wrote. Now...right back at ya!
    Enjoy the day!

  11. I have to admit I visit your blog daily - every post brings a smile to my face :) Gorgeous beadwork and a gorgeous girl. Keep smiling ♥


  12. @Erin, I feel the same about you and your writings. You are an incredibly inspiring lady.

    @Karyn, If I blushed any harder my face would explode pinkness all over this town. Thanks so much, girly.