March 28, 2010

They taste like fun dipped in awesome.

Artfest in town + Checkbook in hand =

Introducing Madhatter McKissyface and company:

The quirky!  He definitely belongs with me.

These were created by Joyful Imagination Glass, and theirs is by far the best fusing and slumping I've seen.   There is a limited collection on the website, so you can trust me when I say their work is so delicious that you probably would have been asked to leave the fairgrounds too.

I almost had time to lick every single piece.



  1. Wow, they are fused?! Impressive! Love the quirkiness of that face...those lips are awesome LOL

  2. Belinda, they are truly amazing works. The panel is just shy of 2 ft tall, fully fused. Kissyface is a foot and half tall, fused then slumped.

    They had a Phoenix in turquoise and browns, fully fused colors that were then layered with tack fused shapes, the most gorgemous thing I've ever seen. If I had $1700 laying around I would have thrown it at them and brought that baby home too.

  3. Gorgeous!! You totally needed them. I'm a glass licker, too, so don't feel alone. Maybe we should start a support group? haaaaaaa

  4. That is glass? That is a marvel. And it is a marvel that you didn't stop at french kissing Mr. McBigLips. He is delish.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. @Jen, I'll support you and vice versa~ 'cause we totally understand that sometimes treasure things are NEEDED. lol

    @Erin, Every glass fan should see this work in person. Jeff and Jaky are truly amazingly talented.