March 21, 2010

I'm kidding. I meant to say Thanksgiving.

I woke up this morning expecting rain probably because the local weather peeps told me too.   I love rainy Sundays spent watching movies in bed with the furkids and eating things that don't start with brussel or end with sprout. The plan today was for much chillaxin, but it's hard to get yo' laxin' on when the sun is shining all up in your face. 

So Plan B it is~  Take eleventy billion pictures of beads and re-open my Etsy Shop.  I should be finished getting all the new stuff listed by December, just in time for Halloween.



  1. Props girly! Your beads are beautious and add a special sparkle to the world!

    Congrats on a grand "re-opening" and here's to a week of wonderous sales~

  2. Ohhh so happy to see that your Etsy store is opened... I have been eyeing off some of your bead sets and focals! Will you be listing any focals... hint hint!! ♥


  3. @Jen: daaaang you're bossy. LOL

    @Dawn: Thank ya chica~ Cheers on that last part!

    @Karyn: Indeedy. I'll be putting my remaining stock of focals (from '09) into a clearance category and adding new ones soonish. As in as soon as I make them. :)

  4. So glad you stuffed over the chillaxin' and prepared some little marvels instead... They should sell sunshine in pill form!

  5. Hi your blog and your art is fantastic. Nice to meet you.