March 11, 2010

Exactly the different same

Aren't you dying to know that I had steamed brussel sprouts and vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries for dinner?   Because apparently pregnancy cravings ain't got nuthin' on the wholesome craziness of Lortab.

Also?  I have come to understand that the word stitches contains the word itches for a reason.  Benadryl + a narcotic 'script=  PInK slEepy OCEAN turQuoise loTion bead SQUIRREL!

I remember thinking I would dig some pint sized minis to set off my interpretation of the cored design by Kerrie Slade, then I woke up and magically found these beads draped over an antler in my photo tent.

So now I'm thinking I should spend the night sleeping on a towel by the lake out back thinking about how much I would dig owning a beach front villa in Costa Rica.

If I vanish, you know where to find me.



  1. Love the your, love, LOVE! If 'laughter is art', then you are an artiste, my friend ;-)

  2. Vanilla yoghurt, blueberries AND brussels... that is classic and shows just how special you are ;0))