March 15, 2010

Although I still think she should at least do the ironing.

So I might have been under orders to stay in bed for the last 5 days.  Of course I understood that to mean  "Go plant your bum in that soft leather chair and melt glass."  Doctors' words can be just as obtuse as their handwriting, so it's a good thing I speak tricksy.

I've been playing in monochromatic schemes lately and using shading to create interesting blends in specific color groups.  This is an excellent tool for really getting to know color on a first name basis.  Plus it's oodles of fun.

Except for the cleaning up part.  Seriously.  If I had a maid I would fire her.  This is my torch table after 4 sessions:

On the flip side, staring at that random mess while working results in pretties like these...

...which makes it kind of hard to stay mad at my imaginary maid.



  1. I'd like to kick my imaginary maid's but too. But I think her name may be Amelia Bedelia, which is why there is apparently talcum powder covering every inch of my furniture (dust the furniture, get it?). Take it easy...and keep making pretties! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Imaginary maid or not you have some amazing things there... tidying up would just spoil the creativity!

  3. Amazing stuff there! Clean up, shlean up...more messy the better! Hope you get to feeling better!