March 10, 2010

Do all deviant babies lead to talking tutorials?

You know that point in a child's life when she starts to test the waters of doing something her own way?  Like when you suggest she "come HERE" and she runs far far away just because she can?  She probably came out of the womb saying whateeeevvvveeerrr and rolling her eyes, and you probably missed it because it looked like innocence wrapped up in a cuteness bow.

I am still that kid.  And yes I was a cute baby, 9lbs 2 ozs of precious which according to my mother was every bit located in my roly poly neck.  Which makes excellent therapy fodder and you are welcome to borrow it. 

Anyway, this is all to explain the fact that from birth I have pretty much done everything the hard way.  The hard way being my way in the way that I taught myself with my own ideas and my own trial and error and my own mistakes and my own successes and my own way of thinking that if I work hard and long enough I will eventually get it right. 

This is true in my life and in my art.  I'm more of a trailblazer than a minivan.  And if that made no sense to you then you know exactly what I mean.

But even the most stubborn free thinkinest brain falls in love and that can lead to all kinds of craziness.  Or at least to buying a pattern.  Which I cannot believe I just typed.  If a pattern were to say to me "come HERE", I'd probably walk over and kick it in the shin. 

Until now.

Kerrie Slade designed some fantabulous cored beaded beads and then decided to share her method with the rest of us.  I love them so much I didn't even finish reading her post before I was clicking Pay Now to buy the tutorial. 

The instructions are extremely well written with diagrams explaining each of the steps.  And because I didn't know how to herringbone, I still got to do it my way and learn something new.  So Kerrie,  I forgive you for ruining my perfect Hard Way record.    You are a generous genius and these beads are incredible. 



  1. Wow Julianna, I am sat here grinning from ear to ear. I don't know you, but I think I love you ;0)

    Thank you so, so much for such a great review!


  2. Great post! I love the look of the beads, too and yours turned out great. I love the colors you chose!

  3. The bead looks awesome! Love how sparklie pretty it is. The post was awesome and you had me grinning!

  4. You rock! I loooove the beaded bead...especially because you used a pattern, you follower, you!!! haaaaaaaaaa

  5. I saw these on my beading forum a few days ago (of which Kerrie is a member) - they are just stunning aren't they?

    I have two Pandora bracelets and would love to make myself one - how did you go Julianna - were they easy?

    Karyn ♥

  6. Karyn, I did my first one in just under 2 hours, and that included learning a new stitch. Kerrie's instruction is excellent and the finished bead is even better in person. Defnitely Go for it! And then send it to me, because I am gonna want to eat it. :P

  7. Lol- shall I make it out of chocolate beadies so it won't upset your tummy? ♥