March 16, 2010

Because I wouldn't last a day in prison.

Today has been well spent moving my plants back outside in order to reclaim my home gym and beading and eating nachos.   Did I mention eating nachos?  With lots of jalapeno cheesy goodness?  The elliptical has never screamed my name so loudly and that is why I am wearing furry ear muffs in March.  In Alabama.

This is a neck contraption made today for a man with his very manly man color selection.    He didn't run screaming or ask for a discount so I didn't have to shoot him.   Thank God.



  1. Very manly... but very, very cool nonetheless :0)

  2. You're hilarious!!! If you're as funny in person as you are in your posts, I think that there is yet ANOTHER calling for you besides your incredible bead creating talent :O) Love the necklace...

  3. I am enjoying the imagery of you in fuzzy earmuffs. In Alabama. And the necklace? Really cool. Looks like snakeskin to me.
    Enjoy the day, Juls!

  4. Yum...nachos. Who needs to work out anyways!!! Love the manly man color selection and the necklace is way awesome.