December 4, 2009

Maybe a Beaded Heating Pad?

Wow.  The last week has flown by~ just like the rest of 2009.  This year has passed so fast I almost want to stomp my feet and demand a Do-Over.  Since I don't think that would do any good, I'll just share a little of what I have accomplished this past week.

I was flipping through the March 2009 Jewelry issue of Belle Armoire recently and came across some really pretty bracelets (pg 78) that utilize simple stitching on Grosgrain ribbon and leave most of the ribbon exposed. Aha! I've had some requests for lightweight cuffs, and this style seems to have potential.

I am very particular about threads showing even in cases where the thread is deemed part of the overall design.  There are a couple of places on this bracelet where the black thread shows on the turquoise.  I am not happy with that, but if turquoise thread were used it would pop out against the black edging beads.  I do like the style and can see doing more of them ~ I'm just pretty sure the bases will be monochromatic.  We'll see how it goes.

In other news, I'll have lots of time to bead for the next few days.  I quite possibly pulled every muscle I own  (and probably a few of yours) while moving my plants and palms from the deck to their winter home upstairs.  I've invested too much time and money to let my foliage suffer through freezing temps outside, so Bye Bye home gym.  Bowflex and Elliptical, I'll see you darlings in Spring.

I'm going to take a super hot shower and then sip some Irish Cream and Kahlua with a drop of coffee.  Tonight's creative project should prove to be interesting.


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