February 8, 2010

You know ya do

I'm doing some studio cleaning.  Are you familiar with the Tazmanian Devil? Double that and throw in some caffeine.  I'm pretty sure even my dog is hiding under the bed.  I know the cat is. 

Once upon a time I believed that it was impossible to have 'too many' beads.  And then I experienced inspiration overload and because there were too many options my creativity shut down.  In the spirit of preventing that from ever happening again, I've been slowly letting go of components that I know I'll never use.

These are all set in sterling silver~ On the larger side as pendants go.  The largest is 2.25" x 2" (turquoise) and the smallest is 1.75" x 1.25" (carnelian)  Included are Rose Quartz, Sunstone, Tiger Iron, Chalcedony(manmade), Sodalite(I think), and an Amethyst/Ruby.

I don't need to tell ya that at $35 for all, this is a stellar deal.  Domestic shipping to yo' house where they will grow up to be designer jewelry is included.  Also? There is a surprise bonus.  Paypal is easiest.  Want 'em?
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  1. Have fun with the cleanup...I agree, too many options can be distracting! I hide some (okay, lose some) and when I find them, it feels like they're new! haaaaaaaa

  2. I love that! It is like going shopping without spending money. I pretty much stick to intricate stitching and lampwork these days, so if it doesn't relate well to either of those it gotsta goes.

  3. Just stash 'em for a few months (years?) and when you find them again you never know--yo might be "into" them again--or not. LOL