February 18, 2010

Then Eat Your Brain.

Water.  Me and Her are like peas and carrots.  I get to be the carrot, because who likes peas?

I developed a basic idea for what has turned out to be the 4th element when I first contemplated beading them.  It isn't a stretch considering I am most at home on or next to the water.  You fishy people can keep the IN it part.  Unless we are talking jacuzzi.  Or pool. In those cases I am all about the in.

The hardest decision was narrowing down the color pallette.  The best and easiest is the reason for all the words you are reading right now. 

If you can guess what the cab part is in this photo~ you are the most incredible creationaryistic smart person I know, and I'd like to buy you a pizza.



  1. Nuh uh, but that is an excellent guess. Your sweet brain will be dessert!

  2. Nope, can't guess. But I love the blues happening here.

  3. I was going to say sugar in resin.
    But it looks more like the piles of ice crystally snow on my front stoop. But that wouldn't work in the way down south now, would it?
    You are always intriguing!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Hey Juls, love the first three "elements" and from your peek of the "water" surrounding beads, its going to be just as fab. My poor simple brain cannot even begin to fathom how gorgeous the center bead will be. And, why in the world would you want to jump out of a perfectly good plane?????? LOL

  5. Thanks, Leann!
    Erin, sugar is close too. :D
    CJ, That man who buys me copper rings and flowers suggested Hang Gliding, and I figured why not? Whee.

  6. It looks like the grit I give my bird to keep its beek sharp, but I think it's bath salts.