February 17, 2010

Or Jerry Springer

So I've been playing with beading the elements. Fire and Earth designed themselves while I was sleeping.  Air notsomuch.  Air was a challenge that stretched my imagination beyond its recognizable borders and further softened the cardboard of this flimsy fake box I'm holding up.  As far as Out There goes, I am the ruler of a special world where boxes don't actually exist and entertainment comes from the fantastical adventures into my own psyche.  Which explains a lot.

Getting back to Air.  I live in the South.  The southern south.  The part of the southern south where the climate is made of Heat.  And Hot.  Where wet, balmy, smack you in the face humid hot heatness lives.  Where when the tiniest movement of drippy warm air slaps a strand of sticky hair across one's forehead it is called air conditioning. 

All this is to say Wind and I?  We have more of a history than a here and now, so this is inspired by the tangible gifts I associate with it.  The cabochons are turquoise blue for the ocean breezes that have been present at my most treasured moments and colorful dichroic for what I think my guts will look like when they end up splatted on the ground during my upcoming Hang Gliding endeavor, where I will be at the complete mercy of the wind.

Side note~ If you happen across a piece of my sparkly dichroic gut you are most welcome to bead it.  In fact if you do I will mark you off the list of creative people to haunt inspire.

So here's my first beaded version of Air~ an interpretation of Wind:
Blame it on cool ocean breezes, floating balloons, and cheefully colored pinwheels spinning on a Spring day~all twisted together in a tornado of happiness.



Next up is Water, which will probably turn out looking like a wrecked Ford Edsel.



  1. Oh that pendant is beautiful. Although, I must say it says 'breeze' to me. But then I am living in the land of wind out here in W TX. 40 mph is not uncommon here, with dust, lots of blinding ugly dust. Your version of wind is much prettier.

  2. Those dichroics are the bomb! The clouds tonight looked like gobs of cotton candy and were the exact same shade as all of this. I see calm winds on a Carribbean sunset...you make me snort Juls, with your air conditioning. So unbecoming but fun!
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. My word verification?
    SPIFY - that is what I think you are
    (okay. SPIFFY!)

  3. I used to work extensively with seed bead weaving, and I have to say I'm in absolute awe at your skill matching and complimenting the textures and colors of the stones you've surrounded. Gorgeous work.

  4. The necklace is FAN-Damn-TASTIC! (I hope I can get away with saying that)Your works is awesome! Thanks for the pep and luck! Beth

  5. You people! Such kind and encouraging feedback is likely to make me keep beading.

    Much Love and much appreciated.