February 20, 2010

And Who Likes Soggy Halibut?

Elementally speaking, round 1 is complete.

Air, Fire, Water, Earth

I started with the concept of beadifying the elements with cascading cabs, but I had so many ideas of variations while I was working on each that I will have to make more or the voices will never shut up.  Lucky for you this post isn't about the voices.

This is about water and sand and cruising down the strip on Spring Break looking at cute boys and walking the beach at dawn and writing in my journal at sunset and squishing squeaky sugary sand between my toes and suntans and pina coladas and first coming to understand that while one drop of water may seem insignificant, each one is necessary to sustain an ocean.

These were my water toys. Yep, that is sand.

Sand that I have been carrying around in a bag since I moved away from PCBeach in 1994. Sand that has moved with me sixteen times.

I don't think of water without thinking of the beach, so I had to figure out a way to incorporate it into this element.  What I ended up with was double sided tape on the bottom of the cabs which I dipped into the sand and stuck to white Lacy's Stiff Stuff before attaching that to LSS I had dyed blue.

Up close and personal the dome of the cabs magnifies the sand particles, and it turned out better than I could have expected.

From a distance it reminds me of air bubbles floating through water, and that leads me to believe the fish are breathing which is good because I would hate to think they are all out there drowning.



  1. Love the piece and love the description of sitting on the beach. Guess I need to plan a trip.

  2. I am so completely in awe of what you do! And you completed how many of these gorgeous necklaces??! If I ever figured out how to make a single beaded cab I'd be so proud of myself! These are the most complex looking focals I've seen in a long time!
    Sure love your creative writing too!

  3. So stinkin' creative Juls! Sand and sea...Brilliant!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Juls, you are too funny and awesome clever!! I don't feel so bad about carrying around sand in old contact lens bottles now--for over 25 years no less. LOL

  5. Y'all dun gone in mayd me 'barrassed. Thanks so much for the comments.

    Sandy toes would do us all some good, Libby.

    I'd be most happy to send you a tutorial on beading a cab, Cindy.

    You've just named that necklace, Erin. :D

    CJ~ YOU (fellow) SAND THIEF! :P

  6. I love the pieces. They are so freaking cool! Wonderful work.