February 15, 2010

Studio Style

You may remember that I love finding and sharing studio organizational tips.  

This is a great time to share a few as it would make me feel a whole lot better about the fact that I have done nothing but clean and organize for the last day and a half.  The good news is that I agreed to teach a few bead weaving classes in my studio.  The bad news is that I realized maybe I am the only one who likes trying to bead while sitting Indian Style on the floor folded in half with my forehead 2" from the mat like a pretzel sandwich.* 

That is the exact position you will find me in when put away parties have kicked my laissez faire behind off my work tables.  Plural.  As in I am a creative messy.

I am wicked happy to report that I not only made all of the put away parties my beyotch, I also shoved a random pile of stuff into a drawer and slammed it shut.

I can now see every table top surface in the studio.   Surfaces I would totally dance on if I owned 6" high clear-heeled stripper shoes. 

Wall of Beads~

Bone and wood~
in a clear 3 drawer mini chest.

Color grouped Cabs~
The same as with the bone but larger.
Individually bagged by style.

This resides under the end of my worktable~
same 3 drawer idea, largest version.
(all found at Walmart)

The Holy Grail of my component collection
bagged by bead shape/style.

Also some Coral~


My dart league took the night off for the holiday.  I'd rather not throw sharp objects randomely around my house, so instead I'm going to beat the ugly out of some copper rings with my new hammer.  Right after I suck the bottom out of some chocolate martini milk.


*You probably call this Yoga.   I call it if God had wanted me to be a rubberband He would have made me a rubber band.  Now either drink your chocolate milk or hand it over.



  1. mmmm I do like your turquoise collection... very delish!

  2. If I couldn't have turquoise I'd probably quit beading. I've been collecting it for 12+ years and it is my absolute favorite to create with. and wear. and eat for dinner.

  3. love your organization skills, I could learn a thing or two!