February 14, 2010

Announcing a Weiner!

Just for Cindy~ I wrote a lil poem.
When you receive the uglies and really get to know 'em?
No returns, exchanges, or even send backsies~
Lovesies or hatesies, you takesies you keepsies!

Congratulations to Cindy of Sweet Bead Studio~ comment #23.  ~ You are now the sweet mama of some UABs.  Wheeeeee!    

Please email your mailing address to julicannon@hotmail.com.  


In honor of LOVE day I am sharing my most favorite of all the beads I have ever created in the whole wide world forever and ever so far amen.   I want to be buried with it.  Are you listening internets?  That's how much I heart this heart.


I'm more of a wildflower, orchid, send me gladiolas for no reason kinda girl, but the striated color in these roses has me thinking forced commercialism does have its merits.


Happy Love day, you beautiful and talented peoples.



  1. Cindy is one lucky mama! I know that she will find a special spot for those UABs... and that heart makes me swoon. I would hoard that until the day I die too.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Hi Juls
    What great news on this Monday morning!!! I won your awesome beads!!! :-) Thank you so much - I'll email ya!