February 11, 2010

And some Rum.

The SOUP is still on, y'all!  You'd be doing yourself a righteous to check out every single piece of art.  I am a little over halfway through the list, and I am so inspired I have to take a break to bead. I'm saving the rest of the list for happy hour tonight, so if I gush and use a ton of ! ! ! ! ! ! ! after every single word of my comment, it's because I love you and your art and it has nothing to do with the pineapple mojito sitting in front of me.

I love me some Valentine's Day, probably because I'm in love with love all the time.  Just this morning I fell in love with Nutella on toast.  Serious, forever, give it a kidney if it needs one kind of love.  How has this delectable concoction of gooey deliciousness escaped my attention for 38 years?  Hey you, person whose job it was to tell me about this manna way before now?  You're fired.

Nutella on toast.  You want some.  Trust me.

I'm spending the morning with this:

And because looking at those dichroic cabs put the sparkle in my eyes and navigated my behind to dig out my own dichro stash,  I'm jones'in to get my Fuse on.


I was surprised with this box of copper washers yesterday.  I think someone might be vying for boyfriend status, and considering he gifts me with creative treasure I will use and enjoy?  I'd say he's off to a darn good start. Now I can try out my new Hammer.

You are super welcome to come play!  Just bring your own jar of Nutella.



  1. where did those copper washers come from?? I love them!

  2. Harbor Freight. $9.99

    Here is a link to buy them online for anyone who doesn't have a local store.


  3. Oh yeah...Nutella is a delightful treat. I used to try to keep the kids from loving it, but it was no use. Now if it is in the house they will scarf it without a second thought. I think that Nutella is going on the grocery list this week.
    I am not done soup-hopping. But it sure is inspiring! You are a riot, and I am so glad that I found you!
    Enjoy the day! Erin
    P.S. Copper washers? yeah...that is just as good as nutella in a take out your frustrations sort of way.

  4. that is too funny!! I've had to take several breaks over the past two days, I really want to visit the folks blogs and learn more about them, as opposed to just this one incident. It's been great..now on to see what you cooked up!

  5. Love the copper washers. LOVE THEM!!!

  6. Erin, I hid the Nutella from myself. Now if I could only convince me that I don't know EXACTLY WHERE THE YUMMY IS.

    You are doing an inspiring job of inspiring with inspiration~ I love your blog!

    Dee, this swap experience has been fab. Loved your bold chunky piece~ you accented that hunk'o pretty glass perfectly.

    Cathie, me too. It is impossible to hate anything that you get to hit with a hammer.