January 25, 2010

Secrets and Surprises

Remember These?  The cutting and polishing are done, so on last fabulous Saturday I gathered some goodies and made a few pins.  I really do plan to tell y'all about the meaning behind my Jars of Clay beads, but so far the words have escaped me.  It is a long and very personal story.  I'll get there.  For now though,  Lookit!


I have dart league tonight and I think I'll go early to play a few warm up games.  It never hurts my aim to have a beer or 3 first.  The team tends to frown on my darts hitting the floor instead of the board.  They're critical like that.  

Also?  I have a giveaway coming up.  The kind where I give you a present.  Or you or maybe even you over there.  Details on Tuesday Wednesday.  (Sometimes Tuesdays are leftover Mondays.  See "dart league" and "beer")


1 comment:

  1. Oh WOW what you do to beads! Wow wow wow.

    On darts -- my hubby used to live in England and played in the pubs there, and then again when we lived in Korea. Ah, memories.