January 26, 2010

I'll Bring the Chips and Dip

Backstory:  There are 2 things about my beadwork that more often than not prove true.  Most everything I create includes an unintended eye.  It has been debated whether the eye has become my totem because of this or whether it was always the case and simply waiting to be seen. The chicken or the egg?  Also, I typically 'sign' my pieces with a hand charm.  It is a personal recognition of the spiritual experience of creativity and God's guidance~ an acknowledgment that His hand is always at work in my life.

Many years ago a dear friend gifted me with this large dichroic glass piece in the shape of a hand.  I do love me some bling, but not quite in the size of hood ornaments. While I dearly loved the thought behind it I had no idea of what to do with it.   It took up residence on my table where I keep things inspirational. 

I went to Bead and Button a couple of years later and found a beautiful dichroic heart which I was going to use right away OMGosh I love it!    Um.   Yeaaaah.
I stuck it somewhere and promptly forgot about it.  Don't act like I'm the only one.

I know it's too late for the 'long story short' bit, so let me tidy this up.  I discovered both pieces as I was unpacking and they just made me happy.  The kind of happiness that fills the world around you with balloons and confetti.  Party Happy.

And this right here?  This made me happy too...one kind person really can make an impact on the world. 


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