January 11, 2010

B to the arrah to the RRRRRR

Hey y'all!  I am a special kind of cold, which I will henceforth refer to as "Where's my snow!?"   I happen to think that if it is 19 degrees outside there should be white fluffy happiness kissing my eyelashes.   Somehow cold is that much colder when there isn't.

I definitely will not be braving the glass studio for the next few days as there are icicles hanging from my fingertips.  Someone please remind me of this whine when in the months of July and August I am unable to work because the sweltering heat has melted my face.

Today I am planning to do the cold work on these Jars of Clay ~ inside the house where it is a balmy 69 degrees.

Global warming~ its not on the menu.  Hope you are toasty!


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