November 16, 2009

Beads and Trees

I'm still on this adventure. I found some delicas in the bag from the day I purchased them 4 years ago, and I fell in love all over again. I adore the clean lines weaving with delica produces. And the colors!~ like little tubes of surreal crayons.

This is a quick snap of the beadwoven beads I have been playing with. The upper strand is actually a brilliant royal purple, and I'll be more concerned with capturing that when I figure out how I want to finish the pieces. I'm thinking I'll be diving into my Swarovski collection.

Last year I found a 4 ft PINK Christmas tree. I resisted paying full price, so I was totally stoked when I found it on sale (75% off!) the week after Christmas. I love the holidays, and Saturday night I baked homemade chocolate almond biscotti and put the pink tree up in my studio while Jimmy Buffet floated out of the stereo.


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