October 26, 2009

The dichro made me do it.

Friday night I decided to organize the bead studio. This is a process that occurs constantly almost never. I found several rubbermaid tubs that I have not opened since I moved into my house 3 years ago. I can hear what you are thinking and no, I do not need a feature spot on that television show about hoarders. I'm an artist and as such I require stuff.

(Please feel free to nominate me for the show wherein someone comes to build storage and organize! the studio for me. There could be a reward in it for you.)

Back to those tubs. I made a ginormous mess sitting in the floor sifting through so much forgotten treasure. I would be embarrassed if anyone had heard me talking to myself, so I will tell you what it sounded like because I like you.

"Chelsea, come look!" "Oh Mah Gawd!" "WOOOOO, SCORE!" "Why in the world did I buy that?" "oooooooh!!!" "I've been looking for you!" "PINK!" "Dude, I made that!" "Gronafghgf!!!" "SHINY!" "the hell?" "I lerve this!" "Sheba, get out of that basket!"

It was awesome~ like going shopping and finding a whole slew of goodies without spending any money. So instead of accomplishing actual organizing, I made a mountain out of a molehill and can no longer see the top of my worktable. Or the carpet. Is it possible to be overinspired?

I went downstairs and almost tripped over the shipment of glass that had arrived earlier in the day. It was also on my agenda to verify the order and label the rods. I suddenly found myself faced with a difficult choice. Should I get the rods labeled to take out to the glass studio? Do I try to clean the now bigger mess upstairs? Or do I scrape stuff to the side and create the bracelet I'd just picked out beads for? Work or Play??

I avoided the inner debate on responsibility by busying myself with this~

Jul of De Nial~

I'm pretty sure that means I won the argument.

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