November 17, 2009

Gobble Gobble, Y'all

My extended family is in town this week and we are having our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I'll be too busy stuffing my Nana's dressing down my throat to post or play, so here are a couple of pieces I worked on today for my Jar of Clay series. These are my favorite beads to make, and next time I will share more about the process and inspiration.


  1. HI Julianna, Are you selling your cabachon pieces anywhere?? Love them! Dawn

  2. Thank you Dawn!

    Most of the embroidered focal pieces are tabular beads used as cabochons. The exceptions are Jars of Clay which I cold work to achieve a flat back prior to beading.

    The Tab focals listed in my Etsy shop are the exact style I am using in my recent jewelry pieces. I am playing torch for a bit and will have more listed soonish.