December 1, 2014

I didn't say I wasn't, either.

Beads were made last week, and these are my favorites.
Probably not because of the turquoise....


They sold too fast,
so I had to make another set of each.
Or 2.
I'm wearing the blue one today
because I accidentally remembered
how to make jewelry.


Oh Wait.
We already did!


I was packaging up some cabs for shipping this weekend

(Last day of the cab sale, y'all!)
(25% off with coupon code CABSALE)
and the seed beading bug bit making me nostalgic for the
days when I had the free time to do nothing but.
These days I have to fit it in after the beads are made,
cleaned, strung, photographed, sold, packaged, and shipped...
which means I get about an hour late at night before my eyes jump
out of my head and hide in a pillow case.

I do stand lustfully in my beading studio and stare at all the containers
housing 15 years worth of bead accumulation,
wanting to fondle each and every single one.

Stop looking at me like that.
I didn't say I was naked...



  1. You are too funny! RTR fellow Bama Girl! I am loving the new bead sets you have been making lately.

    1. Thank you, Sweet sister Belle! So nice to know you're here. :)