June 27, 2014

Which is why you are always welcome to visit me at the beach.

Current WIP Cross.
I think I've put off working on it
because I kind of want to keep it...
but I can't because I started it for my mom
for Mother's Day.

Bad Juli.

I will of course give it to her.
Mostly because she, of all the people I know,
perpetually deserves something good.
But also because
if I reallyreally want one
I know the girl who makes them.


She also makes these cabochons~

and focal sized seashell beads~

and I will most definitely be snagging a couple of both 
as soon as I stop talking about myself as if I'm not myself.


You're the one reading it.


1 comment:

  1. Juli, at least you will get the see the cross every time you go to your Mom's house. Those cabs and shell focal beads are beautiful.