June 25, 2014

The Second Half of this is the reason my bestie is the best bestie ever.

My heart shattered into a million pieces on Friday, June 13th when my Nana flew to Heaven.  I don't want to talk about it because I can't talk about it.  I had promised her I wouldn't move out of her house, our family home, until she was gone. And now she is.  So I am.

To the beach.

Because I can still get to my mom and brother within an hour if I need to and because my friends will all come see me because BEACH and because that is where my soul belongs.

I've just begun the process of looking for a place to live, and it is a pretty daunting task.  Two furkids and a torch rule out an apartment, so while I'm looking for a house I'm also looking for a job or 2 to supplement Studiojuls.

This morning in conversation my aunt tells me that she is just sort of "over" the beach...in a language I don't speak using words that made my ears bleed...and that they are considering long term renting out their second home in Bid A Wee, which if you were to ask anyone who loves PCB would tell you is THE place dream place to live on the strip.

And it is.  Perfect in every way.  After much thought I decided that Lita and I should discuss possibility because my bestie gets me and knows that dreams are the stuff of life.

M:  So...I'm talking with Aunt L this morning and she tells me they are going to long term rent out the house in Bid A Wee...because she is just "over" the beach.

L:  Ummmm....okay.  Speak English.

M:  And I know it is going to be WAY out of my price range so I am considering investing in stripper heels and red light bulbs for the front porch.

L:  I will help push when you cramp up.

M:  Because you're awesome.

L:  Also because I'm moving in.

M:  Stripper heels for all my friends.

L:  Get the gel ones with glitter.

M:  That glow in black light?

L:  Exactly.

M:  We know entirely too much about stripper heels.

L:  Yeah.  Don't put this on your blog.




  1. Pretty exciting and I believe your heart will sing every day.

  2. First, my condolences on your loss. I can't even. . .
    On the other hand, congratulations on taking that step toward that dream. Here's hoping it works out. . .you know I'm jealous! ;)