November 8, 2013

You know that feeling you get when everything clicks and falls perfectly into place and you wonder what you did so right to deserve so much awesome? Me too.

I think I must be nesting.
Also that the garage sale angels are smiling at me behind my back.

Because this:

He's about 3 feet across and smiling with dimples
and I got him for $10.
I'm going to whitewash the rays with crimson
and slap him on the side of the country house.

Of course I am.


Those letters spell Faith, Love, and Hope...
priceless things that I stole for $6.

They are sitting in a store display
that will hold the tubes of my favorite seed bead colors
 within easy reach on my beading table.
Mine for $3.

Turquoise Candles all in a row?
Why yes, I do happen to have $2.


This one is the perfect size for Delica tubes,
and after some research each compartment
will hold 12 tubes...if I have more than will fit
I'll just go stand in the corner for a minute.
Another $3?


For this I don't even have words.

The stand above~
The sparkling clean shelves below.

I've been looking for one of these since Jesus was a baby.




  1. looks like you did some really good shopping today!

  2. Love treasure hunting and I think you found some great ones!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome… Glad that you're having so much success and so much happy. Just reading about it makes me smile! :D

  4. Awesome thrifting! I love the finds. Especially the letters. Too cool. Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. What is the thing on the bottom that you've wanted forever? I can't figure it out. HA! I'm just having that kind of day. Thanks, sis! But you had awesome luck finding stuff. Congratulations. I guess it's another sign that this is the right move for you!!!

  6. It is a display rack, Sally....soon to be for seed beads. I'll share some photos when I get it loaded. :)