January 2, 2013

Record Keeping

The last creation of 2012~

The peaceful beating of your heart.  The whisper of love that brushes your cheek.  The calm you feel when pursuing your dream.  The beautiful voice of reason that beckons you brave the storm.

and the first of 2013~

Del Sol~
It wasn't the water that lured her in or the squinch of sand between her toes.  It wasn't the umbrellas, so purposefully lined over chairs that beckoned she sit for a while.  It was the deep down calm in her soul, the love in her heart, and the voice that gently whispered "Every little thing is gonna be alright."



  1. Glorious, gorgeous... and very different from each other!!! I wanted to take a minute today, and wish you the very best, lady. I hope this year brings you closer to all of the things you yearn for, and that it shows you the best ever all year long. Hugs and love... tons and tons of love...

    And PS - where did you get the matte silk raspberry colored beads in the top pic, because I'm dying here...

  2. These are gorgeous! I think I getting a new respect for seed beads.

  3. Hi Juli,
    Happy New Year! I love the pendants they are gorgeous!

  4. Love the colors in the top one. Always love turquoise.. it reminds me of the Aztec calendar that we saw so much of last year. LOL!

  5. Gorgeous work, Juls. I love them both and love how different they are! Those beads Nancy asked about and called raspberry colored look like purple on my monitor. I'd be interested to know what color they are IRL! I love them too! Happy New Year, sis! Playon...