December 31, 2012

On to the Now.

My words are being spent in other ways at the moment.  Collected and corralled in what is, for the time being, a jumbled mess.  I proceed anyway, trusting the voice that connects me to the tapestry, the thread that sometimes lingers in a gentle breeze and at others clings tenuously to that which it is not yet time to let go.

As with any beginning, we welcome another year with big hopes and dreams.  With certainty, with expectation, with the promise of something more, something better, that something we as people continually feel: the need to really live, to love, and to dream, to create, to breathe, to be.

This is me wishing you enough of those things to let you soar.  May your soul fly free in the clouds while your feet stay firmly planted.  Much love, my friends.  Much love.


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Thanks for supporting my art for another year.

You rock my world.


1 comment:

  1. Sending love your way for a new year filled with blessings and allowing your creativity to soar. I admire your art Juls, and I cherish the woman you are. Much love for 2013 baby! ♥