October 17, 2012


Last night I turned into Samuel L Jackson.  I'm not proud of it, but it happened.  And do you know why it happened?  Because SNAKE.    SnakeInsideTheHouse AGAIN.  

This time it was Devaney's bedroom.  Hanging around under her bed.  It "raised up" at her.  From UNDER HER BED.  In close proximity to my living quarters, y'all.  My brain cannot wrap around what comes next.

Devaney came home from college last week.  Because all of her furniture is still in her apartment in Auburn, John got out a twin mattress from the storage shed to serve as a temporary sleep spot.  After discovering a second (different, longer, female) snake we all decided it was time to find the source, and considering where the second one was found that mattress seemed a likely spot.  Upon dragging the mattress outside and discovering holes in the side, John cut it open to find snake poo.  We know it was snake poo because we took a picture and looked it up on the internet.   

Which means Devaney slept on a mattress containing a snake.  Which means she is the new queen of badassery.  Because having just learned I'd slept with snake?  Instant dead.  She just went back into her room and did Devaney stuff like the whole snake mattress thing never happened.  Like it never happened, ya'll.  


I'm in the throes of quitting smoking.  What I've learned is that it isn't about the nicotine as much as it is about the habit.  Like sitting here right now at my computer, writing especially, I keep reaching over expecting to find an ashtray.

But I won't.  Ever again.

Which is weird.

But it's time.  For a plethora of reasons, it's time.

Speaking of time, I finished the beadwork on this part of of a 10 year old UFO.  I can't tell you how ridiculously happy that makes me because clean bead embroidery work on a 3d object is tediously tiresome, even with an end goal in mind.

She's busy.  And imperfect.  And special.



  1. Badassery is right!! Good luck on the smoking thing!

  2. Freaking No WAY... okay, I totally missed the first snake post, so reading this and clicking your link lead me to reading about TWO snakes in one day... that is Two to many! I ain't coming to visit... no siree! YIKES!!!

  3. Hi Juli,
    Well I for one would not be bringing in any more items from the storage shed without looking it over four or five times. Yay so glad you finished the doll she is beautiful. I did not bead when I quit smoking 21 years ago, but I did do other crafts, it helps when you can keep your hands and mind busy. You will kick the habit, I'm proud of you!

  4. Awesome job on quitting smoking - awesome! Use those ashtrays to capture snakes :-)

  5. Yay on the quitting smoking!

    ~Shudder!~ Bad ass is right! And you had no cig after that? High five!

    I love you UFO.
    Busy, imperfect and special describes my favorite people.