October 12, 2012

If you like snakes as much as I do you should run screaming instead of reading the second half of this post.

Organically shaped disks~

Radiant Sunset

Santa Fe

Coral Ridge


New Bead Embroidery Focals~


I understand that everything happens for a reason, so by default I must accept that all living things are created for a reason.  Except snakes because NO REASON.

Especially when one of them decides to take up residence I-N-S-I-D-E the house.  Where people live.  More importantly where *I* live.  I love my housemates bunches, but they now know I'd trip any one of them in a New York minute if we were both being chased by a snake.

Like this one who was discovered lounging on the shelf above the washing machine:

Apparently it is an Oak Snake.
Apparently it is "harmless".
Apparently it is TIME TO MOVE.



  1. ewww, ewww, ewww! I would be out the door before you!

  2. Holy. Crap. I'm several hundred miles away, and I want to move after that story! This just reinforces my belief that the only acceptable snake is one that's been made into a kickass pair of high heels. They scare the bejeebers out of me.

  3. *SHUDDERS!*
    I live with heaps of spiders of every ilk in my basement studio. Sometimes they come out to rear their ugly little heads and then I crush them mercilessly with whatever is nearest, including - GASP! - my jewelry hammer! And recently we had a mouse take up residence and leave poops in my huge bathtub (don't know how he got in... or out... unless he had help a la mouse mission impossible style!) and we have since dispatched with him but found no cousins. But a SNAKE! Egads! You need a whip and a khaki fedora. We will have to call you Indy Juls! ;-)
    Enjoy the {slitherfree} day.

  4. Time to move, indeed! Does this happen on any regular basis in this new house of yours? Cripes! And what is that person doing handling it? A person who likes snakes? I would be very suspicious of that this snake-loving person might have had something to do with the snake in the laundry room. I dunno but maybe the snake-lover should move and take the snakes with him?

  5. That just makes me shiver and pick my feet up off the floor. Ooooooh. Snakes = never harmless.

    Of course, the beads make me shiver too, but in a good way.

  6. Get the hell outta there Juls!! That would freak me out, too!!
    Maybe you can torch the snake, if another one shows up.
    (BTW - pretty beads!)

  7. A snake in the house would be a deal breaker for me. But, baby, those beads of yours are mighty damn fine lookin'. Console yourself with that, eh.

  8. Whenever I see a snake around the house my neighbor asks me what type it was. I always have to tell her that I don't know because it is hard to figure out when you are running away while waving your hands above your head and screaming. Said neighbor just had a white oak snake drop from the hydraulics of the storm door onto her 88 yr. old mother. Eeeeck!

  9. I bet ya could. Make some lovely beads inpspired by snake skin......

  10. Well that is some story! Since you are such a big fan of snakes, lol, you must come over to my blog and read my snake story, be prepared to pee your pants while your laughing and reading!
    Happy Christmas and New Year!
    Beth P